Affordable Pergola Kit Options for Maximum Style

Imagine your backyard, deck, or patio complete with the pergola you’ve always wanted. Beautiful style and true craftsmen quality. So, the big question: can you find an affordable pergola kit that packs the looks and the Amish-crafted quality you want?

At The Backyard Showcase, you absolutely can! We offer budget-friendly pieces that will provide huge outdoor style without sacrificing quality. These are our picks for the affordable pergolas that make the maximum style impact — and boast genuine Amish craftsmanship quality — for right around $2,000!

See some of our favorite affordable pergolas, place your order today, or work with us to custom design your very own pergola!

Our Favorite Inexpensive Pergolas

While some pergola builders say you can’t find a quality, handmade pergola for under $4,000, they don’t know The Backyard Showcase. These choices for inexpensive pergolas incorporate a less expensive material, a modest size, or a simpler design — however, they NEVER skimp on quality or beauty:

inexpensive small vinyl cozy retreat pergola

Small Vinyl Cozy Retreat Pergola

The backyard classic. The simple and elegant lattice looks gorgeous in the clean white vinyl. While vinyl is the most expensive pergola material, this pergola style still manages to keep a budget-friendly price tag due to its fairly modest size, its simple style, and the fact that it is attached to the house. This proves that inexpensive pergolas can come in every material. Vinyl is such a sought-after material for any outdoor piece due to its long lifespan and low maintenance needs.

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inexpensive cedar celebration center pergola

Cedar Celebration Center Pergola

This inexpensive pergola adds extra shade and seclusion while maintaining an inexpensive price tag. These celebration model pergolas are the perfect option for so many backyards as they provide superior shade and coverage compared to a traditional style. This extra coverage comes from the privacy wall and the full roof that homeowners love. Plus, the red cedar color is an attractive touch to include in your backyard décor.

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affordable pressure-treated wooden oasis pergola

Pressure-Treated Wooden Oasis Pergola

The distinct oasis look at an accessible price point. While this stunner seems like it should have a luxury price point to go along with its luxury looks, this is actually another great budget pergola option. Creating a truly upscale aesthetic, the white and brown color combo is what sets this deluxe product line apart. By being built of simple pressure-treated lumber, this affordable pergola boasts millionaire looks with a modest budget.

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These are simply our suggestions for an inexpensive pergola that you’ll love for decades to come. However, these styles and options are just the tip of the iceberg. You can mix and match any of these ideas you want — or, let us know your budget and we’ll build a pergola to match.

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General Rules for a Budget Project

One of the best aspects of buying a hand-built pergola is deciding on all of your custom options. Any style and any options you want, you can have. Since we’re all about affordable pergola kits that stick to your budget, we’re breaking down the best choices that make for an inexpensive pergola.

  • Pick Pressure-Treated Lumber — The material you choose determines a lot about the final cost of the pergola. While affordable pergolas can come in many different types of material — even vinyl — if budget is your main concern, you’ll want to stick with pressure-treated lumber.
  • Smaller Sizes — Smaller sizes mean less material used and less money spent. A modest-sized pergola can still enhance your backyard décor without draining your bank account. If you know you’re working within a limited budget, we recommend choosing a smaller area of your porch, patio, or yard to cover with a pergola.
  • Keep It Attached — Another way to limit the material costs — and the price — is to have the pergola be attached to your home rather than free-standing. By having the pergola attached directly to your house, you eliminate the need for 2 of the posts, yet you still enjoy the complete shade and style of a pergola.
  • When in Doubt, Just Ask — When you’re working with The Backyard Showcase to create your custom pergola, we’re your team. If you have any questions about what something will cost, just ask!

Buy Your Affordable Pergola Kit Now

Whether you’ve fallen in love with the cozy retreat, the celebration center, the oasis, or you want to build something custom, you can absolutely have an amazing and inexpensive pergola. At The Backyard Showcase, we ship our affordable pergola kits nationwide.

The first step is filling out a price quote request — or giving us a call to get the perfect pergola for your space and budget. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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