Backyard Improvements that Add Value in 2020

If your backyard is the outdoor destination for you and your friends, this blog is for you. If you do it right, this year’s outdoor renovations can make your space more fun — and count among the backyard improvements that add value to your home. Think about Chip and Joanna Gaines for a minute: their renovations always provide tons of personal satisfaction while increasing the value of the homes they renovate. Those are the types of additions and accessories we’re focusing on today!

At The Backyard Showcase, we’re an outdoor living expert who builds high-quality Amish structures at the centerpiece of gorgeous backyards. ln today’s blog, we’re highlighting the best backyard improvements that add value to your home this spring and summer. See some of our favorite affordable enhancements — and reach out to talk to one of our outdoor designers today!

Our 6 Favorite Outdoor Improvements

These outdoor improvements have been shown to increase the value and popularity of a home on the open market. Even if you aren’t looking to sell anytime soon, adding to your home value while building the accessories you love is a win-win.

1. Outdoor Firepit

backyard firepit adding home value

When you think of summer, it’s hard not to imagine your family sitting around the fire, roasting s’mores, and having fun. Though firepits sound expensive, finding an affordable fire pit option is easier today than ever before. Some of the best outdoor fire pit options include gas fire pits, wood-burning fire pits, and back-to-nature fire pits. These all involve minimal building and constructing on your end but can boost your home value significantly. After all, when someone sees your firepit and outdoor space, they’ll imagine their family enjoying it just as much as yours did.

2. Pergola

cedar pergola backyard improvement

Want to add some shade and custom design to your backyard? Then you want the #1 in-style backyard accessory. These unique features are a great way to shade sunny parts on your patio — such as a sitting area in your backyard. Pergolas allow you the opportunity to enjoy partial shade from the sun without going inside, and their unique profile has never been more in-demand. Design your own pergola right here and learn about our options. At The Backyard Showcase, we specialize in Amish-built pergolas made of vinyl, wood, and cedar.

Shop Pergolas — Starting Around $1,700 3. Landscaping

improving backyard with landscaping

Whether you handle it yourself or you bring in a professional landscaping company, sprucing up your grounds makes your home more beautiful everyday and also gives it an edge if it hits the open market. Home buyers are looking for a space that is ready to be enjoyed — not a space that looks rough and needs work. Some planting and mulching help your space put its best foot forward!

4. Gazebo

screened gazebo backyard improvement

Sometimes we need an oasis in our backyard we can escape to after a busy day. Gazebos provide the perfect opportunity for homeowners to increase property value affordably and stylishly. Gazebos can be used for reading nooks, yoga, drawing, and a place to experience the nature of your backyard without the nuisance of the sun and bugs. Here at The Backyard Showcase, we create Amish-built custom gazebos in wood, vinyl, and cedar. Our customizable options allow you to add screens to your gazebo to keep the bugs away and outdoor electrical outlets so you can enjoy your space with your favorite technology. When deciding between a Gazebo and a Pergola, not only will you adore both custom structures — but either one you choose will make your home more valuable.

Shop Gazebos — Starting Around $3,500 5. Backyard Fountain

fountain outdoor improvement

Nothing is more magical than walking into your backyard and feeling like you’ve entered into another world. That can happen when you opt to install a large or small fountain into your yard. Adding a fountain to your backyard space is a great way to increase property value and add style to an otherwise bland backyard. Fountains are often highly customizable by size, lights, number of tiers, and even sounds. After all, what can beat the sound of running water as you sit outside on a warm summer’s night? Nothing does, and most home buyers agree.

6. Pavilion

vinyl pavilion outdoor improvement

Pavilions are a truly great outdoor improvement that offer full protection from the sun and the rain, complete with a gorgeous style. These unique backyard structures can be placed over patios, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, sitting areas, and so much more. We tell homeowners that backyard pavilion designs are in-demand and make your backyard a true focal point of your home — and the real estate market takes notice! At The Backyard Showcase, we create beautiful Amish pavilions out of cedar, wood, and vinyl with many diverse styles.

Shop Pavilions — Starting Around $4,000

Why Amish Quality Structures Are the Best Option

When people talk about the unique quality you can expect from Amish-built products, they aren’t exaggerating. Our company, The Backyard Showcase, prides itself on creating Amish quality furniture for all your outdoor structures. We have a team of skilled Lancaster County craftsmen who are dedicated to creating custom structures with their own hands. The backyard improvements we provide will enhance your outdoor space and add value to your property — and thanks to their ultra-durable quality, they’ll stay beautiful and functional for years to come.

Start Planning Your Backyard Improvements Today

Get prepared to make this summer your best with our tips for backyard improvements that add value to your lawn and garden. The ideas we mentioned above are great ways to take your yard from overlooked — to the talk of your neighborhood!

Reach out today to see how we can make outdoor improvements to your backyard just in time for summer!

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