Shopping for the Best Backyard Sheds

Quality always matters. When you invest in something well-made it pays you back with years of solid performance. On the other hand, when you buy something cheap, you pay for it time and time again, by dealing with the problems it causes. Your storage shed is no exception to that rule. We’re here to help you learn the traits to look for when shopping for the best backyard sheds.

While we’re definitely budget-friendly at the Backyard Showcase, we put quality first in all of our backyard structures — including our storage sheds. Sure, you can go to any hardware store and buy an ultra-cheap shed, but it won’t hold a candle to a handmade, Amish-crafted one. Since lots of homeowners want to know if shed quality really matters, we’re comparing Amish sheds and big box store alternatives. Read our blog to learn more about finding the best backyard shed — and start shopping now!

5 Shed Quality Traits to Look For

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Shed quality is the difference between the structure you rely on for decades and the shed that falls apart after only a year or two. That’s absolutely right! You can expect a genuine Amish-built shed to last for decades — while we’ve seen big box store alternatives fall apart after just a few summers. It all comes down to how the shed was built.

Essentially, when you’re shopping for the best backyard sheds, these 5 traits are what you’re looking for:

  1. Siding — The siding on a quality Amish-built shed will be made of either construction quality vinyl or treated wood panels. Both of these materials are highly resistant to the elements and repel water. However, hardware store sheds tend to be built out of cheaper materials such as metal or rubber. Neither of these does the job: metal sheds have the tendency to rust — while rubber sheds often crack apart after time in the sun.

    So, just how much confidence should you have in a vinyl shed? Well, chances are pretty good that your house is built out of the same quality vinyl siding — and your house is pretty sturdy.
  2. Roof — One of the main reasons that a shed fails is because the roof leaks. So, if you want to find the best backyard shed, look at the roof. A hand-crafted shed will feature real architectural shingles, just like your home. On the other hand, hardware store sheds are built as cheaply as possible, so they rarely use real shingles — instead opting to nail on a shingle sheet for the roof. Because this corner was cut during construction, these cheaper shed roofs often leak or become home to destructive insects.
  3. Lumber — Architectural shingles and vinyl siding make up the exterior of the best storage sheds. The inside is just as durable, though, as the frame is built with sturdy, pressure-treated lumber. On the other hand, those hardware store storage sheds can’t compete. If they even have a lumber frame at all, it won’t be pressure treated and won’t provide decades of durability.

    So, how much should a quality shed cost? See Amish shed prices revealed.
  4. Vinyl Windows — In a lot of ways, we can sum up shed quality with one thing: if a shed is built from the same materials as your house, you can have some confidence in the overall construction. Along those lines, make sure your shed features real vinyl windows. Not only do vinyl windows look better, but they add to the shed lifespan. Cheap and poorly installed shed windows have the tendency to leak which can lead to you replacing it sooner than later.
  5. Custom Options — What’s one other thing that the best shed should include? Whatever you want. Custom options — both practical and aesthetic — are an essential component. When you get your shed from the Backyard Showcase, you can customize it to meet your storage needs and have the style that matches your backyard. However, when you buy a shed from a hardware store, you get what they have and that’s it.

See all of our shed options right here!

Trust the Backyard Showcase for All of Your Outdoor Needs

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At the Backyard Showcase, sheds are just the beginning. Our craftsmen custom design and build all of the structures that complete your backyard décor. When it comes to backyard shade, we provide a wide range of pergolas and pavilions in different styles, made of different materials.

Learn more about picking the best pergola material right here.

While pergolas and pavilions are some of our signature structures, if you need more storage, we can help you with that too. We also offer modular garages that provide you maximum weather tight storage at a reasonable price. Simply put, if it enhances how you use your backyard, you’ll find it here.

Get Your Quote on the Best Backyard Storage Shed

The next step is getting your FREE quote on the very best backyard storage shed for your needs and your budget. Whether you want to give us a call or stop by our outdoor showroom, we’re ready to help you find the high-quality Amish shed that you’ll use for decades to come. Reach out today to start the conversation!

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