Amish Backyard Pavilion Prices

A pavilion can be the perfect accessory to complete your outdoor living space. Not only does it provide a luxury feel that few other structures can match, but it also offers nearly unbeatable protection from the sun and the shade. Here’s your chance to get a real idea of Amish backyard pavilion prices and see some of the most in-demand styles!

At The Backyard Showcase, vinyl and wooden home pavilions are one of our specialties. We build a wide range of gorgeous structures that homeowners across the country love. Keep reading to explore real backyard pavilion prices — and see what you get for each price tier!

Average Backyard Pavilion Cost Explored

The average backyard pavilion cost is defined by three variables: the size, the materials, and the extras you choose. While many outdoor builders don’t like to share their prices, we’re glad to. Not only do we know that our prices are fair and our pieces are gorgeous — but having an estimate of the price is a crucial part of planning your project. Check out approximate backyard pavilion costs and get inspired by all of your options!

Standard Pavilion: 12’X16’

One of the most popular pavilion sizes we offer, a 12’X16’ pavilion is ideal for decks and patios. This size pavilion provides ample space for a dinner table or a formal seating area, yet it won’t dwarf the rest of the space. Given that this is one of the most common sizes we build, these backyard pavilion prices show a fairly accurate idea of a backyard pavilion cost. See some examples of how this size pavilion completes a variety of backyard spaces:

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: Around $5,500
  • Vinyl: Around $6,800
  • Cedar: Around $7,000
Get Your Quote Backyard Entertainment Pavilion: 16’X24’

Pavilions in this size and price tier often dominate the area where they are installed. While one of our standard sized pavilions can comfortably keep a family shaded while having dinner, this size could protect an entire party! The dimensions (and the creative designs) often make these pavilions true showstoppers that look incredible and change how you’ll use an entire part of your backyard.

This represents the top end of what you can expect to pay to bring one of our pavilions to your backyard (minus any accessories you choose).

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: $11,500
  • Vinyl: $14,200
  • Cedar: $14,800
Get Your Quote Average Pavilion Extras & Accessory Prices

The backyard pavilion prices listed above are an average of what you can expect to pay for a pavilion made with the different materials we offer — without making any custom additions.

price of pavilion with finished ceiling

Here’s how a few extra pavilion accessories impact the prices:

  • Add approximately $500 for a stained pavilion ceiling
  • Add approximately $2,000 extra for a double pagoda pavilion roof
  • Add between $2,000 and $3,000 for a privacy wall

Still looking for inspiration? Check out our pavilion idea gallery!

Why Amish Quality Matters

We know the backyard pavilion cost alone makes it a true investment into your yard. That’s why buying a truly top-quality structure is so important. However, there are massive differences between an Amish-built structure and something you’d find at a big box hardware store. These differences hold true for everything from pavilions, to pergolas, as well as backyard sheds:

  • The Material — Our pieces are either built from heavy-duty lumber or maintenance-free vinyl, which is why our pavilions can last for decades out in the elements. Some cheaper pavilions are built from aluminum or cheaper lumber that will fall apart after just a few summers outside.
  • Where it Was Built — Everything you find at The Backyard Showcase was hand built by Amish craftsmen in America. Compare that to retail pavilions that are built hundreds at a time in factories overseas. Our individualized attention ensures superior construction quality without corners being cut.
  • How it Was Designed — All of our pieces are designed to have a luxury aesthetic, yet also to stand up to high wind and other weather conditions. We doubt very many products in a retail store were designed with the same attention to quality!

Get Exact Backyard Pavilion Prices

You have an idea of a backyard pavilion cost — and if you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. We recommend talking to our design team to discuss the style you like, how you plan to use it, and the exact pavilion price to make it yours!

Contact us today to talk to our designers or to plan a visit to our outdoor inspiration center!

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