What is a Fair Pergola Price?

When designing their dream-come-true backyards, most people have two things on their minds: the style they’ll love for decades to come, and ensuring they get a good price on everything. Pergolas are becoming an increasingly beloved piece of backyard décor. That’s why people need to know what is —and what definitely isn’t— a fair pergola price.

The average cost of a pergola differs based on two main factors: the size and the material. The cost to build a pressure-treated lumber pergola is the lowest, cedar options are in the middle, and maintenance-free vinyl pergolas are the most expensive.

Learn how to find a good pergola price on a craftsman-quality piece — or contact us today for your FREE quote.

Average Cost of a Pergola

While you can buy an outdoor pergola at the hardware store, the look and the quality just won’t match what an Amish craftsman can build for you. We’re breaking down the average cost of a pergola, handmade by a skilled craftsman.

Since the size determines the pergola’s cost, we’re breaking it down into three commonly requested sizes:

  • 10X12 pergola — This is the smallest size that most homeowners want. Generally, these pergolas make for great sitting areas with multiple chairs.
  • 10X16 pergola — The most popular pergola size we offer, this option is ideal for a table and chairs.
  • 16X32 pergola — One of the largest pergolas we often build, this size can be large enough to cover your entire deck. Of course, we have built larger pergola for homeowners and commercial properties — let us know what you need, and we’d love to work with you!

Pressure-Treated Wood Pergola Cost

pressure-treated wood pergola price

Pressure-treated wood is designed to be more resistant to rot and the elements than untreated lumber. In addition, these wood pergolas can be painted or stained any color that complements your backyard aesthetic. Take a look at these average costs of pergolas made with pressure-treated lumber and shop now:

  • 10X12 pressure-treated wood pergola: around $1,700
  • 10X16 pressure-treated wood pergola: around $2,000
  • 16X32 pressure-treated wood pergola: around $5,000

Cedar Pergola Cost
pergola cost

Cedar is a naturally rot- and bug-resistant type of lumber, which makes it a great choice for outdoor structures. Cedar boasts a longer lifespan than pressure-treated wood as well as a gorgeous natural color that we enhance with stains. See estimated cedar pergola costs and shop here:

  • 10X12 cedar wood pergola: around $2,000
  • 10X16 cedar wood pergola: around $2,400
  • 16X32 cedar wood pergola: around $6,000

Vinyl Pergola Cost
vinyl pergola price

As our most deluxe option, vinyl pergolas combine the structural strength of hardwood with the maintenance free qualities of vinyl. These pergolas can provide a lifetime of stunning style without needing to be repainted or re-stained. Check out these average vinyl pergola prices and shop now:

  • 10X12 vinyl pergola: around $2,500
  • 10X16 vinyl pergola: around $3,000
  • 16X32 vinyl pergola: around $8,000

Since we know our quality is top-of-the-line and our pergola prices are competitive, we’re more than happy to share them with our potential customers. These are just estimates, but they are very close to what you can expect to pay at The Backyard Showcase.

Check out our gorgeous pergolas.

Pergola Add-Ons & Extras

One of the best parts of designing your once-in-a-lifetime backyard is finding the custom touches that make it perfect for you. Since our pergolas are custom built, we love accessorizing our structures with pergola add-ons to suit you and your individual style.

We can customize your pergola with a canopy to provide more complete protection from the sun and the rain. Or you can add privacy walls to make your oasis feel a little more secluded. You can even build your pergola in a unique shape so that it adds a distinctive profile in your backyard.

When it comes to bringing home the pergola you always wanted, trust The Backyard Showcase for a good price and the custom touches you’ll love.

Read all about our custom pergola add-ons HERE! 

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