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home pavilion inspiration

Idea Gallery: Home Pavilion Inspiration

Few outdoor structures make quite the same impact as a beautiful backyard pavilion. Pavilions have an undeniable effect on the…

pool patio decor ideas

7 Pool Patio Decor Ideas

Dreaming of making your in-ground pool look like the amazing resort-style pools you see on HGTV? That’s within your grasp!…

backyard resort ideas

Backyard Resort Ideas You Can Try this Summer

The distinct luxury of a resort that you get to enjoy every day of the year! With the right accessories,…

backyard privacy ideas

Backyard Privacy Ideas that Enhance Your Outdoor Style

A backyard oasis is your place to unwind from a long day or to spend time with family and friends….

what is a pergola

What is a Pergola & How to Use One?

While you may have heard that pergolas are the #1 must-have outdoor living trend of the decade, you still may…