8 Things No One Tells You About Outdoor Screened Gazebos

You’ve probably heard a lot about outdoor screened gazebos or have even seen a few in your lifetime. These classic outdoor shade structures have been around for decades and come in a variety of materials, shapes and colors – but are they really worth the hype?

At The Backyard Showcase, we’re experts in all things outdoor. Being in the industry since 2006, our team has discovered the hidden facts and trade secrets in backyard design.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing the ins and outs of screened gazebos – including 8 things no one ever tells you about them! Stay tuned to see more or get a custom vinyl or wooden screened gazebo quote from TBS now!

What to Know About Vinyl & Wooden Screened Gazebos

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to outdoor shade structures, but there are a handful of advantages unique to outdoor screened gazebos that the others simply cannot offer! No matter if you are looking for a screened gazebo for a deck, patio, pond, garden or somewhere else, you’ll appreciate these distinctive benefits all screened gazebos have.

Here’s 8 things no one tells you about vinyl & wooden screened gazebos:

  1.       Allow for pest-free enjoyment of the outdoors – Outdoor screened gazebos offer pest-free relaxation that other backyard structures cannot. As a totally enclosed space, you can enjoy the pleasant breeze without any of the annoying bugs, birds, or pests!
  2.       You actually have dozens of style options – The modern property owner craves personalization, you don’t want something that everyone else has! Although wooden screened gazebos have been the most popular historically, in the twenty-first century, you have endless design options for customizing an outdoor screened gazebo like vinyl, wood, color, roof style, shape, and so much more! See ALL your custom gazebo options here.
  3. Screened gazebos offer year-round use – Buying a screened gazebo doesn’t commit you to a space you can only use in the spring and summer. The Backyard Showcase builds our gazebos using 4-track windows that allow you to enjoy the warm weather while also confining heat during cooler months.
  4.   They last up to 25 years – Like shady vinyl pavilions and pergolas, a vinyl screened gazebo can last upwards of 25 years (if properly maintained).  To extend this lifetime even longer, The Backyard Showcase uses only the best metal framed windows on all of our gazebos, NOT cheap plastic ones like most big box retailers. When your screened gazebo windows last long, your whole structure will last long!
  5.       Screened gazebos add a TON of shade – Whether you want a screened gazebo for a deck, patio or garden, you can rest assured knowing that in ANY placement you’ll still be creating the comfortable shady seating area you deserve.
  6. They block the rain – There’s nothing more enjoyable than the soothing sound of rain. What better way to enjoy a peaceful rainy afternoon than sitting outdoors listening to it beat against the roof of your screened gazebo while you stay perfectly dry!
  7. If well maintained, they can increase home value – Can purchasing and properly maintaining a screened gazebo for sale really increase your property’s value? You bet it can! Whether it’s a wooden screened gazebo, vinyl gazebo or commercial gazebo, you’d be surprised at just how much resale value it can add.
  8.       You can see them in person before buying – This is not the case for everyone, but if you are local to Lancaster County, you can visit The Backyard Showcase’s showroom along Route 30 to see and feel our screened gazebos for sale before committing to one! Get directions to our location and plan your visit today.

Screened Gazebos for Decks, Gardens, Ponds & More

modern wooden outdoor screened gazebo

One other fabulous thing about gazebos? They are gorgeous in any location!

With a versatile design and ease of functionality, screened gazebos are ideal for decks, gardens, patios, ponds, and so much more! If you are unsure if a screened gazebo for sale would fit in your space, we encourage you to call our team for our professional advice. Our office is open 6 days a week and we are always happy to help!

Get inspired when you browse our photo gallery of screened gazebos for decks, patios, and commercial properties:


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