Are Fire Pits Under Pergolas Safe?

There’s nothing better than the sound of a crackling fire and the luxury of a gorgeous backyard getaway. Fortunately, fire pits can easily be incorporated into a backyard pergola to create the perfect atmosphere. But are fire pits under pergolas safe?

In short, it’s safe to use a fire pit under your pergola. Yet, it’s key that you follow the proper safety precautions to ensure a stress-free experience for years to come.

The expert craftsmen and design professionals at The Backyard Showcase have created this guide to walk you through safety tips and design ideas for pergola and fire pit pairings. Want to find out more about safety with fire pit pergolas? Keep reading to find your answers now!


Fire Pit Pergolas: Safety Explained 

Fire pits under pergolas are a safe combination if certain precautions are taken. Aside from their elegant visual appeal and shade giving design, pergola’s slatted roofs also provide ideal open airflow that minimizes the risk of smoke damage as the sparks and embers can travel up and away from the firepit.

While this natural ventilation aids with the safety of a fire pit pergola, there are also additional ways to make sure your backyard paradise is enjoyed safely. Here are a few ideas for ensuring optimal pergola and fire pit enjoyment:

  1. Mindful Materials: No matter if you are DIY-ing your pergola and firepit installation or having it taken care of by a pro, choosing the right materials is the first step in creating a protected environment! Wood and vinyl pergolas are both superb fire-resistant or non-combustible materials when paired with the following safety precautions.
  2. The Right Height: Whether you’re planning for a wooden, vinyl, or modern pergola design, we recommend building it with a height of at least 10 feet. At this level, smoke, soot and embers are unlikely to make contact with your structure!
  3. An Open Space: When designing your own pergola and fire pit, avoid building it too close to trees, vegetation or low hanging foliage. While dangling ivy and draping plant life is a popular pergola decorating idea, it is not recommended when considering a fire pit pergola.
  4. Polywood Furniture: We highly suggest Amish polywood furniture when looking for remove comfortable and stylish furniture to pair safely with your fire pit pergola. As the only synthetic wood that will not burn, it’s the ultimate solution for your outdoor design!
  5. An Inflammable Foundation: Building your structure on an open grass or hardscaped patio is a great way to keep your fire pit under a pergola safe. It may seem obvious, but any sort of open flame on a wooden deck instantly makes the environment at risk of a fire hazard.
  6. Local Regulations: Always check with your local municipality or township to determine if a backyard fire pit is permissible in your area.

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safety of pergola and firepit combination


Luxurious Pergola and Firepit Ideas

Here at The Backyard Showcase, we know that a pergola and fire pit pairing is more than just a fun way to stay warm – it’s a design opportunity!

You can elevate the appearance of your backyard with simple or elaborate vinyl and wood pergola options for sale. These are just a few ideas of the endless ideas for designing your outdoor space with a fire pit pergola:

  • Cabana: Create a cozy poolside cabana so you can enjoy the water with an evening swim and dry off by the roaring fire.
  • Outdoor kitchen: A pergola is a perfect place to build your outdoor kitchen or bar. Welcome decades of favored memories as you keep comfortable with a firepit nearby ideal for roasting marshmallows for dessert!
  • Backyard cinema: Create the ultimate backyard theatre space by pairing your fire pit pergola with an outdoor projector and screen!

fire pit and pergola combo

However you choose to design your backyard, a fire pit under a pergola is a safe and exciting way to entertain your family and friends. For ultimate convenience, we recommend a Breeo smokeless firepit! See why homeowners love Breeo firepits and how you can get yours here.

Want more inspiration for your pergola and fire pit oasis? Check out our extensive online photo gallery to see pictures from real projects our team has had the honor of completing for homeowners and commercial properties all over the United States!


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Is it safe to put a fire pit under a pergola

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Now that you know fire pits under pergolas are safe, and have seen some stunning inspiration, it’s time to get started designing your own!

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