Our Favorite Backyard Cabana Ideas

Your pool is one of your favorite ways to unwind after a long day — and it’s the centerpiece of every party you throw. It might be hard to imagine, but you can love your pool even more with the right accessory. Homeowners are quickly falling in love with pool pavilions, pergolas, and cabanas for their poolside structure of choice. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting our favorite backyard cabana ideas and discussing how they’ll improve your pool experience.

Specifically designed to be the do-it-all pool accessory, a cabana might be the right choice to enhance your backyard. At The Backyard Showcase, we build and install a wide range of outdoor living structures, including all types of custom pool houses and cabanas. Keep reading to discover the pool house designs you can try — or reach out right now to start planning with one of our outdoor designers.

3 Favorite Pool House Designs

Your personal — and outdoor — style are your own, and we can build the cabana to match. While traditional pool house designs will never go out of style, you have more options than ever before. See 3 of our favorite cabana designs, each of which perfectly complements the space and the pool around it.

traditional cedar cabana

Traditional Cabana

The classic pool house, this style of cabana provides privacy, shade, and a classically upscale feel for your backyard. This type is most easily recognized thanks to its tall height and rectangular structure. A great choice for many yards, this is still the single most popular style we build.

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gazebo style cabana

Gazebo Style Cabana

This unique pool house design takes inspiration from the shape of a traditional gazebo. While they tend to be a bit smaller than the other designs, these cabanas offer everything you’d expect in a refreshingly interesting package.

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semi-open cabana

Semi-Open Cabana

This ambitious cabana idea combines the seclusion of a traditional gazebo with the open feel of a pavilion. Even more than the traditional options, this structure succeeds in incorporating the cabana into the total outdoor living space.

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Unbeatable Pool House & Pavilion Benefits

luxury pool pavilion

One of the reasons that cabanas pair so well with pools is that they provide that sought-after upscale luxury look — and a whole host of practical benefits. Most notably, the majority of pool house designs often include space to change clothes. However, that’s just the beginning when it comes to inspiring backyard cabana ideas — see our 4 essentials right here:

  1. Privacy — The ultimate convenience factor, having a cabana means that you’ll be able to change into or out of your swimwear without needing to trek back into the house. This is the main advantage that pool houses have over all other pool accessories.

    Did you know pergolas are great for privacy? See our privacy pergolas!
  2. A View of the Pool — We’re willing to bet your kids love the pool just as much as you do. Depending on their age, though, when they’re swimming, you’re on lifeguard duty. That’s why the best cabanas have at least one room with a view of the pool.
  3. Outdoor Shade — Even if you soak up the summer sun at every chance you get, getting a break is essential from time-to-time. All cabanas will provide you with complete shade whether it’s in the enclosed section or under an overhang.
  4. Personal Style — As is the case with any of our backyard structures, bringing a pool house to your yard enhances your outdoor décor. Finding a cabana idea that speaks to your unique style will work to create your HGTV-worthy outdoor living space.

Bring Your Backyard Cabana Ideas to Life

Whether you’re inspired by one of our favorite pool house designs and are ready to buy, or you want to build something truly custom, you’re in the right place. Our designers are ready to work with you to bring your backyard cabana ideas to life, and our Amish craftsmen will custom build it just for you. When you work with The Backyard Showcase, you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

Don’t wait — reach out today to start the conversation with one of our outdoor living designers!

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