Backyard Gazebo Ideas You Need to See

A gorgeous shade structure is the centerpiece of many outdoor living spaces. While pergolas and pavilions might be the trendy options, for some homeowners a backyard gazebo just can’t be beat. These structures provide unbeatable shade and seclusion, and simply nothing else can compare. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting some of our favorite backyard gazebo ideas to inspire you to bring one home!

At The Backyard Showcase, we build a wide range of outdoor structures that enhance your outdoor style, while making your yard even more usable. Gazebos are one of the most unique and most beautiful pieces we craft for homeowners. Keep reading to explore some of our favorite backyard gazebo ideas — or reach out to one of our outdoor designers to create your own piece today!

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5 Home Gazebo Designs to Inspire You

Our home gazebo designs can accentuate grand spaces or make ordinary backyards truly one-of-a-kind. Explore five of our favorite gazebos and imagine bringing one of these pieces home:

Poolside Gazebo

home gazebo designs

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, a gazebo may be the perfect addition for you. Building a stately structure next to the pool itself makes it the undeniable centerpiece of your outdoor retreat. On the practical side, including a home gazebo here provides unbeatable shade when hanging out poolside or when you’re supervising the kids swimming.

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Mid-Yard Retreat

mid-yard vinyl gazebo ideas

Adding excitement to a large backyard can be something that outdoor designers struggle with. This is the perfect place for this backyard gazebo idea. Dedicate a section of your greenspace to a seating area by placing a gazebo there. Not only will this break up the monotony of the sprawling green space, but it gives you a new seating area you’ll love using every time you entertain.

Deck Gazebo

deck cedar gazebo designs

This is one of our favorite home gazebos designs. Incorporating a gazebo onto your deck allows you to provide much-needed shade and protection from the rain. While this is often a job that pavilions do, you’ll find gazebos are just as good at it. In addition, the walls of a gazebo can be netted to ensure they keep mosquitos out of your outdoor space. Finally, from a style standpoint, a gazebo will add a vertical profile to an otherwise flat surface.

Scenic Outlook

gazebo ideas for scenic outlook

While not everyone can take advantage of this backyard gazebo idea, if you are able to, the results can be extraordinary. Building a gazebo next to a scenic natural space creates a beautiful space for relaxing and entertaining. We’ve seen extraordinary examples of these gazebos overlooking lakes, prairies, valleys, and more!

Hardscape Gazebo

hardscape vinyl gazebo designs

Just like a deck gazebo, this structure is used to bring extra functionality to a central outdoor living space. As you’d expect, building a gazebo on your patio provides vertical style and also protection from the elements that makes it a viable space in all weather. In addition to that, patio gazebos are popular for outdoor dining areas.

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See All Our Style Options

Our home gazebo designs can vary drastically depending on the material you choose and the style you select. We build our gazebos out of vinyl, cedar, and pressure-treated lumber. While all of these materials are made to resist the elements, vinyl gazebos will last the longest and require the least amount of maintenance. While the white vinyl style is an absolute must-have for some homeowners, others prefer the rustic look of real lumber — that’s why we make both materials available.

From a style standpoint, our backyard gazebos come in three different shapes, including: classic hexagonal, oval, and rectangular. To make the gazebo truly your own, you can customize the roof, the posts, the trim, and even more. Giving you the ability to fully customize your gazebo — or any other structure — is one of the hallmarks of working with The Backyard Showcase. Not only do we want to ensure your structure looks amazing and lasts for decades, but we’re committed to making sure it is the perfect match for your backyard décor, too!

Bring these Backyard Gazebo Ideas to Life

Ready to transform your backyard with something none of your friends or neighbors have? You’re in the right place! If any of these backyard gazebo ideas caught your eye, we’d love to build it for you. However, if you’d like something truly custom, we’re ready to collaborate with you.

Either way, the next step is to reach out to our outdoor designers today to discuss your home gazebo designs and to get prices. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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