Backyard Living Spaces: Our Favorites of 2020

In 2020, building dream-come-true backyard living spaces became a reality for tons of homeowners all across the country. With more people spending their days at home and postponing vacation, transforming their backyard into a personal oasis jumped to the forefront of the to-do list. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing our favorite projects — to help you get inspired for your own space that you’re planning for 2021 or beyond!

At The Backyard Showcase, we build pergolas, pavilions, and other outdoor structures that help bring outdoor living spaces to life. Keep reading to see our favorite backyard living spaces of 2020 — or reach out right now to get your custom quote!

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Inspiration for the Best Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether they’re centered on a pergola, a pavilion, or a gorgeous in-ground pool, the best outdoor living spaces have a few things in common: they accentuate how the homeowners want to use their backyard and they look absolutely stunning! See our style showstoppers — and learn what makes them standout:

best outdoor living spaces

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Room

This space is for the family that loves sharing their meals outside — in a space grand enough to belong in a restaurant. The grand vinyl pavilion covers a bar and grill area adjacent to their dining table. Notice the fireplace in the distance which serves as a secondary social seating space.

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backyard living space with luxury custom cabana

Luxury Custom Cabana

This gorgeous two-tiered pool demanded an equally exceptional lounge space. Taking the place of a traditional cabana, we created a partially open shaded space, accessorized with a stone bar and a television. This poolside retreat is the perfect place to get out of the sun and is one of the best outdoor living spaces we’ve seen in a long time!

backyard living space built with privacy pergola

Pergola for Privacy

This attractive wooden pergola not only brings the space together, but it also creates a better sense of privacy. For many homeowners, privacy is the final ingredient for their ultimate backyard living space. A pergola that’s accessorized with one or more privacy walls allows you to build seclusion into your space.

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outdoor living space with mid-yard gazebo

Mid-Yard Gazebo

A truly classic outdoor structure brought into the 21st century! This gazebo provides flexible outdoor space perfect for entertaining friends, reading a book, or eating meals with the family. Another element that makes this one of the best outdoor living spaces is that it isn’t dependent on a deck or patio — all you need is a yard. Plus, the unique style of the gazebo also makes a distinct impression as it stands out like few other things do!

outdoor living space with colorful shade pergola

Colorful Shade Pergola

This space stands out as one of our favorites this year thanks to the fun, bright blue color scheme. This homeowner wanted to showcase their personality and make their space pop with color — and they accomplished that through the combination of their pergola sun shade and matching outdoor furniture. This winning backyard proves you don’t need a fancy style to truly stun!

poolside dining area with wooden pavilion

Poolside Dining Area

While many families skipped vacations in 2020, some others chose to bring the feel of the resort to their backyard. This elaborate hardscape certainly brings home a true luxury ambience. Our wooden pavilion was used to create a poolside dining area which provided much-needed shade as well as a vertical profile to the space.

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Quality in Everything We Build

All of these backyard living spaces look great in pictures — and they’ll stay that way, too. One of the other key differences that separates The Backyard Showcase from the competition is the Amish-crafted quality of all of our signature structures. When you build with our team, you can count on your piece to last for decades outside in the elements.

On the other hand, some cheaper outdoor structures you’ll find in big box stores may look alright at first but fade and fall apart after just a few summers. While the bottom-of-the-barrel-price looks great upfront, the pieces just won’t last. All of these best outdoor living spaces we’ve featured will look just as gorgeous years from now!

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Excited to make your backyard living space a dream-come-true in 2021? We’d love to help! Whether one of these pergolas or pavilions has caught your eye — or you want to design something fully-custom — our team of outdoor designers can make it a reality.

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