5 Backyard Pavilion Designs

A pavilion provides a distinct feel of luxury plus the unbeatable shade and protection from the elements — that’s why we say it’s the crown-jewel of any outdoor living space lucky enough to have one. When picking your pavilion, you have many options to choose from. There are nearly as many different backyard pavilion designs as there are personal styles — check out the 5 most popular pavilion styles that we build for our clients.

The Most Popular Pavilion Ideas and Styles

At The Backyard Showcase, we equip homeowners with premium outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions. Not only do we build superior quality products, but we also help craft the outdoor designs that our structures complete.

These pavilion ideas and styles are designed to match a wide variety of luxury backyard spaces — and remember, if you don’t see the style you like, we’ll build it for you!

Double Roof Pagoda

double roof pagoda

This pavilion style makes a spectacular impression on patios and in gardens. This recognizable double-tiered roof creates a complex and ornamental style that pairs well with other intricate garden features. The posts and inlays on this pavilion design often have a similar classical complexity. Double roof pavilions are most often placed near the house, on decks, or on hardscapes.

Standard Style

standard style pavilion design

An elegantly simple pavilion design, the standard style pairs well with both rustic and modern aesthetics. Homeowners love the standard style because it matches any home style perfectly while being understated enough that it doesn’t steal your home’s or your garden’s spotlight. Consider adding a cupola for some extra design-forward flair. Pair a standard style pavilion with your own backyard and watch it transform into the outdoor living space of your dreams!

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Hex Bell Roof Pavilion

hex bell roof pavilion style

This unique pavilion style is one of our favorites — and it’s easy to see why. The elegant drape of the roof and the classic pillars make this type of pavilion the star of your backyard. Homeowners who want a standout but sophisticated pavilion style gravitate towards the hex bell roof pavilion — and they are not disappointed with its effect on their backyards when it’s all finished!

Open Gable Wood Style

open gable wood pavilion style

If your preferred pavilion boasts a more traditional or rustic look, an open gable wood style pavilion will be right at home in your backyard. These beautiful pavilions feature exposed beams and a high-arched roof that show off the hand-built strength of these outdoor structures. This is the kind of pavilion that we build in commercial settings such as public parks — but you can enjoy the durable craftsmanship of such a structure in your own backyard, too.

Rough Cut Cedar

rough cut cedar pavilion idea

The hand-hewn look of a rough cut cedar pavilion is a contrast to the smooth and sleek styles of the other pavilion designs. While this pavilion type certainly has a natural feel to it, rough cut cedar pavilions are best used complimenting modern style outdoor living spaces. Customers often tell us the big heavy timbers almost have a look reminiscent of the style of reclaimed wood. These distinct outdoor structures look outstanding in the red-colored shades of cedar.

Other Custom Pavilion Options

While these are the 5 main backyard pavilion designs that homeowners choose from when they work with The Backyard Showcase, anything we build can be customized. There are many different feature and design options to choose from, some of which include:

  • Pavilion Material — The material you choose to complete your pavilion idea determines the overall style, the lifespan and the price. Vinyl tends to be the most expensive as it has the longest lifespan, while pressure treated lumber is often the most budget-friendly choice. Ultimately, though, your personal taste determines the best material. Learn more about the best pergola material.
  • Post Style — Another way to accessorize your pavilion, the post options available to you are determined by the type of material, wood or vinyl. The most common post styles include tapered posts, standard 8X8 square posts, and more.
  • Roof Material — While the roof style is one of the major aspects that separate the different pavilion designs, the roof material is a more subtle touch. Choosing between traditional shingles and a metal roof allows you to either match the material of your home roof or add a gorgeous pop of copper to your backyard space.

Shop all of our Backyard Pavilion Designs

Whether you know the type of luxury pavilion you want to build this summer or you’re still deciding, the next step is a conversation with The Backyard Showcase. Our Amish craftsmen and outdoor designers are ready to help you finalize your backyard pavilion design with a custom luxury structure.

If one of these 5 popular pavilion ideas is the perfect piece for your backyard space, order now! However, if you’d like to build something as custom as your sense of style, then contact us to start the conversation.

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