Backyard Resort Ideas You Can Try this Summer

The distinct luxury of a resort that you get to enjoy every day of the year! With the right accessories, the right team, and the right inspiration, you can transform your outdoors into a retreat that feels a world away. Explore our favorite backyard resort ideas that can make every day feel like you’re on a dream vacation!

At The Backyard Showcase, we’re an Amish builder of backyard structures who specializes in pergolas, pavilions, cabanas, and much more. Since our structures are often the key elements in backyard makeovers, we wanted to showcase some of the most impactful backyard resort ideas we’ve seen. Keep reading to find inspiration and see what we can build for you!

How to Make Your Backyard Look Like a Resort

When you step out of the back door, you’ll be transported to your personal escape. Whether you incorporate all of these ideas or just one or two, you’ll love the upscale feel you create. Check out these 7 ideas and discover how to make your backyard look like a resort:

1. Accessorize Your Outdoor Dining Space

how to make your backyard look like a resort

Eating a meal on the back patio or deck as the sun sets is a wonderful feeling. A few key additions can make your outdoor dining space feel like a restaurant in a luxury retreat. Most importantly, you’ll want to add a shade structure — like a pergola or pavilion — over top of your dining table. Not only will this give you a break from the beating sun as you eat, but it’ll make the space feel more formal. After that, you may want to consider upgrading your table and chairs to make the space feel new.

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a-frame shed for backyard storage

This is more like a weekend chore than a backyard resort idea, but the impact of this idea is undeniable. The feeling of cleanliness and organization makes the space you see every day feel less like a family backyard. Start by de-cluttering your yard by putting toys and equipment into storage and getting rid of everything old that you don’t use. Take the next step by pressure washing your home and even doing spot touch-ups on your deck paint!

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3. Invest in New Furniture

new backyard poly furniture

This is one example of how to make your backyard look like a resort that you might not have considered. One key element that resorts tend to have in common is that even the small touches feel new and attractive. That’s why buying new outdoor furniture is crucial when making your backyard look like a resort. Always buy furniture that won’t weather even after years in the elements but also pairs well with your established décor.

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seating nook in vinyl gazebo

Since resorts exist to provide maximum comfort (often to multiple parties at once), setting up intentional space is key to their design. That’s why we recommend building a dedicated and secluded seating nook. Whether you make this space in your yard, or on your deck or patio, it can become a key part of your new layout. To accomplish this backyard resort idea, place chairs and a table around a special feature or underneath an accent piece like a pergola. For backyard privacy spaces that also provide standout shade coverage, we recommend a gazebo!

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luxury resort pergola

One of the more technical elements when learning how to make your backyard look like a resort, figuring out the lighting is essential. Firstly, an effective lighting scheme is key to ensuring that you can make use of this luxury space after dark. Next, nothing undermines the luxury aesthetic of your space like cheap lighting that is clearly out of place. We recommend incorporating ambient lighting into the beams of your deck railing and pergola roof, while augmenting the ambient lights with one or two primary light sources.

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resort style backyard grilling station

While you may have a fantastic grill that you love to cook out on every chance you get, it probably doesn’t quite match your new fancy resort décor. The right accessories can make a tried-and-true grill feel like a five-star cooking surface at an elegant resort bistro. We recommend placing an open-air pergola over top of the grill to add an element of luxury. If you want to double down on the resort ambience (and you can increase your budget), you can build a stone station surrounding the grill to further enhance the sense of luxury.

7. Transform Your Pool Space (If Applicable)

resort inspired pool cabana

If you’re wondering how to make your backyard look like a resort and you have a pool, consider this. Building up the area around the pool will create the resort style space that will be the centerpiece of your yard. Be sure to add an option for shade — this is a hallmark of any resort. Whether you choose a pavilion or pergola, the shade structure offers a break from the sun and adds an elegant vertical dimension to the space. Adding a cabana to your pool further creates the five-star hotel feel you’re after. We’ve seen homeowners build cabanas as a private spot for outfit changing, as a secluded space to take a break from the elements, and as a clubhouse of sorts.

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Amish Quality Structures, Customized for You

Beautiful outdoor structures are at the center of many of these backyard resort ideas — and that is our specialty. Every one of these pieces that we build for you will look fantastic from a distance and up close. You can count on our Amish-built structures to stay looking great over the years since each one is constructed from high-quality materials right here in the USA.

In addition to the impeccable quality, The Backyard Showcase offers you the opportunity to customize any structure we build for you. Whether it’s a unique roof for a pavilion, privacy walls for pergolas, or something totally unique, you can always work with our designers to create a 100% custom piece as well.

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Bring Your Backyard Resort Ideas to Life

If you’re ready to bring one or more of these backyard resort ideas to life, we’re here to help. The first step is to reach out and talk to our design team. Simply make one phone call to discover your options, design a custom space, and get the price to bring it to your backyard.

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