Backyard Shade Solutions

If you’re like most of our customers, your backyard is nearly perfect. It only needs one more thing: shade. We can help with that — in style! Our gorgeous backyard shade solutions are designed to provide you some much-desired sun protection with a strikingly beautiful look. In today’s shopping guide, we’re highlighting our customers’ favorite backyard shade options.

At The Backyard Showcase, helping you achieve a dream-come-true backyard is our mission. To make that happen, we custom design and craft pergolas, pavilions, and more. Keep reading to see our backyard shade solutions organized by price — or simply reach out to one of our outdoor designers to order your custom piece.

Backyard Shade Options by Price

Not only will the perfect backyard shade option complement your favorite outdoor space, but it won’t require you to drain the vacation fund to make it happen. Since we understand that every budget is different, we have options for every price point. These are our favorite backyard shade options with their average costs:

pergola backyard shade option

Pergola with a Shade — Around $2,000

If you are an HGTV devotee, then you know that pergolas are the in-demand backyard accessory. Their sleek and elegant style immediately distinguishes them from everything else on this list and can make them a must-buy for some homeowners. In order to make your pergola a true backyard shade solution, you’ll want to add a shade that blocks direct sunlight. Not only is a pergola an icon of outdoor living style, but it is also the most budget-friendly option we offer. Want privacy in addition to shade? See our privacy pergola options!

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holiday shadow pavilion backyard shade solution

Holiday Shadow — $2,000 to $3,000

A custom line of outdoor structures invented by our designers, Holiday Shadow combines the sleek style of a pergola with the solid roof of a pavilion. This backyard shade option offers the amazing combination of a great price point and a practical full-coverage roof. Plus, since the Holiday Shadow is an original, the novel design will be sure to grab attention and to start conversations!

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pavilion backyard shade option

Pavilion — $3,000 to $4,000

One of our most popular backyard shade options, pavilions provide complete protection from the sun and rain under a stately roof. We offer pavilions that come in a wide variety of styles from the rustic to the highly ornate. A pavilion is an ideal centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Whether you want to have it accent an outdoor bar, a sitting area, or your dining space, the style and the shade can’t be beat. Get inspired by our gorgeous outdoor kitchen pavilions!

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gazebo backyard shade solution

Gazebo — $4,000 to $5,000

While the rest of our backyard shade solutions go great above a seating area, gazebos often bring the seating along with them. The most elaborate of all our shade structures, gazebos boast a beautiful look and create a feeling of seclusion. In addition to providing maximum rain and sun coverage, gazebos can be equipped with walls or netting to provide protection from bugs. While they might be one of our more expensive options, for the right backyard designs, they are the perfect choice.

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Always Count on Amish Quality

Any of our outdoor shade options can provide you decades of style and coverage. No matter what you choose, we feel confident you’ll be completely satisfied. That’s because the Amish craftsmen at The Backyard Showcase build everything to the highest standard, using premium material.

While the increased popularity of outdoor structures means you can find cheap options sold in more places than ever, their quality often just can’t match ours. Unlike what you’ll find at a big box hardware store, all of our pieces are hand-built for you — rather than being assembled thousands-at-a-time in huge factories.

This difference in construction leads to a difference in quality. Not only will our pieces last FAR longer, but they will be strong enough to stand up to high winds and all the other elements. The way we see it, you worked hard to craft your backyard décor — and you need the perfect piece that will last long enough for you to truly enjoy it.

Get Quotes on Your Favorite Backyard Shade Solutions

Feeling inspired to bring a dose of shade and style to your outdoor space? We’re ready to help! If you can’t decide which one of our backyard shade solutions you like best, get exact quotes on all of your favorites. While the price ranges in our shopping guide are accurate, designing your specific option and getting a price can help you make your decision.

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