Deck Updates that Make an Impact in 2021

The backyard deck became the unexpectedly in-demand destination in 2020. Everything from dinners out — to full family vacations — got relocated to our trusty decks. If you want to re-invest in your deck in the new year, we have the deck updates that can enhance the look and the usability of the space!

At The Backyard Showcase, we’re an outdoor living company that builds a wide range of pieces such as pergolas, pavilions, and so much more. Our luxury outdoor living structures are often a key component in backyard and deck refreshes. Keep reading to get inspired by some of our favorite deck updates — or reach out to discuss what we can build for you!

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Big & Small Deck Refresh Ideas to Try

The right ideas for your deck depend on what it needs right now and how you plan to use it. While you likely won’t be able to use every single one of these suggestions, we imagine that a few of our deck refresh ideas can make a huge difference.

1. Dress Up the Deck Boards

deck refresh

While you might not spend a ton of time thinking about the deck boards themselves, they play a huge role in the look of your space. Deck boards that are faded or have peeled paint can bring down the overall décor. That’s why we recommend starting here. Consider touching up individual spots where the paint has peeled off — or by adding a large outdoor rug to cover a huge area of the space.

2. Place a Pergola or Pavilion

deck refresh with pavilion

Pergolas and pavilions are both trending outdoor accessories, and bringing one to your deck can make it feel like new. In addition to providing shade, both of these structures add a vertical dimension to your otherwise flat deck — this alone can make a huge difference in how your space looks from a distance. On top of that, a pergola or pavilion can truly bring any space together, whether it’s a separate seating area or an outdoor dining space.

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deck lighting updates

This deck update is equal parts practical and stylistic. Having more light on your deck allows you to enjoy the space even later into the long summer evenings, while an attractive lighting scheme beautifies your deck. While there are many ways to bring lighting to your deck, one of our favorite options include wrapping string lights around the lattice of your pergola and through railings. This deck refresh takes less than half an hour and can transform your space.

4. Find Furniture

deck furniture refresh

The right outdoor furniture can play a huge role in how comfortable the space is and what it looks like. Consider choosing outdoor furniture that provides a color contrast against the deck boards themselves. We offer a huge range of different colored tables, chairs, benches, and recliners that can add that extra pop of color to your space.

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deck railing updates

The wooden railings on your deck often show their age in the form of peeling or chipped paint and splintering wood. Taking time to touch these up can make your deck look nicer and cleaner. Doing everything from sanding down rough edges to performing spot treatments with paint can make your deck railings — and your deck as a whole — look like new.

6. Get the Privacy You Need

deck update with privacy pergola

Depending on how close you are to neighbors’ houses, your deck can feel a little exposed. Bringing an extra level of seclusion to your deck can increase your appreciation of it even more. We’ve seen homeowners accomplish this by placing standalone privacy screens and privacy curtains. However, if you want an effective and permanent privacy solution that connects with the rest of your décor, we offer privacy pergolas for this very reason.

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deck refresh with gazebo

One of the most unique deck updates, adding a gazebo provides serious advantages and definitely makes your deck stand out in the best way possible. A gazebo provides unbeatable shade from the sun and rain, which will allow you to get even more time out of your outdoor living space. On top of that, gazebos can come with privacy walls and bug screens for added comfort. Finally, just like a pergola, a gazebo adds a gorgeous vertical dimension to an otherwise flat space.

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Invest in Amish Quality

Whether you want to bring a Backyard Showcase pergola, a gazebo, or some furniture to your deck refresh, you can count on unbeatable quality. That’s because all of the products that carry our name are built to the same high standards. All of our products are built in the United States by skilled Amish craftsmen out of high-quality lumber and vinyl. Compare that to the alternatives you’ll see at big box stores. While their upfront price will be lower, they won’t last out in the elements because they were built from cheap materials in huge overseas factories.

All you need to do is see one of our pieces up-close to understand how they can last for decades!

Get Started on Your Deck Updates Right Here

Whether your deck updates call for a pergola, a gazebo, or something else, we can build it for you at a fair price. The first step is to reach out to our outdoor designers to talk about your deck refresh and the structure that serves as the centerpiece. However, if you’d like to see inspiration in-person and you’re in the Lancaster County, PA area, we’d like to invite you to our outdoor showroom!

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