Gazebos vs Pergolas: Uses and Perks of Each

When you’re looking for that special x-factor for your backyard, your wish list probably includes a gazebo or a pergola. Both structures are stunning and add truly beautiful ambiance to your outdoor living area — but since you don’t really need both, you may be wondering which to choose. So what are the main differences when comparing gazebos vs pergolas, and which should you pick?

At The Backyard Showcase, we build both gazebos and pergolas, so we can speak to the advantages of each of these in-demand outdoor accessories. We’ll break down the benefits of both structures — and help you find your perfect choice.

Popular Uses for Gazebos

uses for gazebos

While the function of each structure is different, both gazebos and pergolas are great additions to your outdoor space. Gazebos provide more of a private entertaining space, while pergolas function as an open extension of your home, deck, or porch. The debate between gazebos vs pergolas ends here — we’ll help you select the perfect addition for your outdoor living space!

The perks and uses for gazebos include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Superior Shade — One of the most functional uses for gazebos is their ability to provide excellent shade from the blazing summer sun. Because gazebos are complete structures with full roofs, you can spend your afternoons lounging inside them without worrying about burning up or reapplying your sunscreen.
  • Screened-In Privacy — When you’re looking for an outdoor area to entertain that will be secluded from your nosy neighbors, you’ll want to add a gazebo to your backyard. Our gazebos come fully screened so that you have a comfortable, private area to host your guests. Plus, having a screen helps to keep the bugs out — nothing puts a damper on a great evening like a cloud of mosquitoes!
  • Outdoor Dining — It’s summertime and the outdoor dining is fine! Hosting parties outdoors becomes easy and enjoyable when you have a space for both laying out your food and sitting down to eat it. Accessorize your new gazebo with an attractive outdoor dining set — and enjoy this perfect use for gazebos all summer long! If you’re a serious outdoor cuisine enthusiast, this can make all the difference when contrasting gazebos vs pergolas.

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Popular Uses for Pergolas

uses for pergolas

While gazebos have more of an indoor feeling, pergolas are truly intended to maximize and enhance your outdoor living space.

Some popular uses for pergolas include:

  • Improving a Backyard Oasis — One of the foremost uses for pergolas is to create a natural extension of your backyard deck or patio. At The Backyard Showcase, we can install your new pergola on top of your already great deck — helping you to complete your picture-perfect entertaining space. Shop our variety of stylish outdoor furniture.
  • Make an Outdoor Style Statement — While both outdoor structures look amazing, pergolas are truly designed for maximum style. In contemporary outdoor design, pergolas are a popular touch as they add a vertical dimension to otherwise flat decks or patios. This creates the profile that makes style headlines in magazines and on HGTV. If you want to keep up with the HOTTEST trends, this is a key way to do it.
  • Outdoor Cooking — This particular use for pergolas is not one that gazebos can boast. If you want to incorporate your grill into your outdoor entertainment space, placing a pergola around it makes perfect sense. Doing this allows you to cook for your guests without being stuck indoors — meaning you don’t miss out on any of your summertime entertaining.

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Which Should You Choose?

We know that the debate between gazebos vs pergolas is a tough one — both of these outdoor structures are great, and each boasts their own benefits! While the decision is up to you, it will really come down to a few things: what you need your new backyard structure to do and how much you need it to cost.

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While pergolas are generally less expensive than gazebos, the advantages of gazebos may outweigh those of pergolas. Generally, if your deck or patio is the focal point of your outdoor space, a pergola may be your best choice. However, if making the most of your lawn is your goal, a gazebo will give you hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Talking to an expert outdoor designer about both options may help you to make your final decision. If you’re still making your choice, we recommend giving us a call. The outdoor designers at The Backyard Showcase can help you make your selection and understand the ideal uses for gazebos and pergolas.

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