Idea Gallery: Home Pavilion Inspiration

Few outdoor structures make quite the same impact as a beautiful backyard pavilion. Pavilions have an undeniable effect on the style of any backyard space — and they provide unbeatable shade and protection from the elements. Check out our idea gallery for the home pavilion inspiration you need to kickstart your imagination.

At The Backyard Showcase, we craft a wide range of Amish backyard structures including pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions. While building the high-quality structures that look amazing and last for decades is what we’re known for, we also play a crucial role in helping homeowners find the perfect piece for their backyard space. Keep reading to find home pavilion inspiration to transform your space — or reach out and work with our expert outdoor designers!

Backyard Pavilion Pictures + Exciting Ideas

Versatility is one of the reasons that homeowners love designing spaces with pavilions as the centerpiece. Pavilions come in a wide range of different aesthetic styles and fulfill different roles depending on your space. If you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place. See backyard pavilion pictures — and build your own:

Garden Sitting Area

backyard pavilion pictures

This attractive vinyl pavilion is at the center of a quiet garden retreat. Nestled deep in the yard, this immaculately landscaped covered space is ideal for eating meals and entertaining guests. The beautiful white vinyl pavilion provides helpful shade — as well as elegant ambience. While a mid-yard patio would have been pleasant enough without the pavilion, the shade structure takes the entire area to the next level.

Get a Quote on this Pavilion Poolside Retreat

pool pavilion inspiration

This gorgeous custom pool is already exceptional, certain to wow guests and provide countless nights of summer fun. By placing a stately and rustic pavilion poolside, it offers much-needed shade from the sun and brings a vertical feature to the space. The open gable design of this pavilion has a very distinct profile and nicely shows off the rustic timber beams.

Get a Quote on this Pavilion Entertainment Space

rustic backyard pavilion picture

Here’s some home pavilion inspiration for everyone who wanted a unique way to watch the game with friends! This installation includes an outdoor television, comfortable seating, and full protection from the rain or sun. Another rustic style pavilion, the rough-hewn timbers of this piece perfectly complement the masculine style of this outdoor hangout space.

Get a Quote on this Pavilion Cozy Fireplace Sitting Area

wood pavilion inspiration

Proving that a home pavilion can truly transform your backyard, this wood and stone pavilion brings this cozy space together. Built around a wood burning outdoor fireplace, this patio sitting area provides a distinctly upscale and formal feel to the backyard. From a party-planning standpoint, this is the perfect destination for outdoor gatherings in the spring, summer, and fall!

Get a Quote on this Pavilion Party Space with Decorative Vinyl Pavilion

vinyl backyard pavilion picture

This elaborate space was a must-include choice for our collection of backyard pavilion pictures. This enormous two-tier vinyl pavilion sits overtop a party space, complete with a sitting area as well as a bar and cooking space. Imagine how exciting it must be to have this remarkable space out back from your house!

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We hope you’re feeling inspired by our images of backyard pavilions — and if you want to see even more, check out our project gallery!

Trust Quality Amish Pavilions

All of our backyard pavilion pictures look beautiful — and due to our quality materials and skillful construction, they will stay that way! Since your home pavilion will be at the center of your backyard design, you want to ensure it maintains its exceptional appearance. You can count on anything The Backyard Showcase builds for you to last for decades. That’s because we use the highest quality vinyl and lumber, and all of our pieces are handcrafted by experienced Amish builders. We’ve seen homeowners go for the bottom-of-the-barrel priced pavilion options — only to have their pieces fall apart after just a few years out in the elements.

Learn more about the best lumber for pavilions and outdoor pergolas.

Bring Your Home Pavilion Inspiration to Life — Get a Quote

Did our home pavilion inspiration spark your imagination? We’d love to work with you. Not only can we give you a price to replicate any of the pieces you saw in our featured images of backyard pavilions, but we can design something custom for you, too.

The first step is talking to one of our outdoor designers — contact us to get started or visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA!

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