How to Build a Gazebo: Tips for Designing & Customizing a Gazebo

Revise your backyard centerpiece or build a new one from scratch!

In today’s in-depth How to Build a Gazebo Guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to design a gazebo from top to bottom, as well as help you decide if this project is a DIY try, or one that’s best left to the pros.

Keep reading to learn more – or get a quote on your custom gazebo ideas now by contacting us here!

How to Design a Gazebo

how to design a gazebo

Designing a gazebo can add beauty and functionality to any backyard space. Whether you are looking for a simple structure for sheltering from the outdoor elements, or a more ornate design with custom accessories, the possibilities are endless!

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can learn how to build a gazebo that you’ll love entertaining, relaxing, dining, and unwinding in. Let’s dive into the 5 key features you need to plan before swinging a hammer or renting a power miter!


Select Your Gazebo Size

The first step in designing a gazebo is establishing the size of the footprint. This will depend on several factors such as the square footage of your yard, the budget you’ve set, as well as how many people you want to be able to fit in the gazebo.

When you work with a custom gazebo builder like The Backyard Showcase, you’re provided with the invaluable opportunity to choose from any of our standard gazebo sizes – or request custom dimensions by contacting our team!


Choose Your Custom Gazebo Material

vinyl custom gazebo

Gazebos are an adored backyard structure because of their shady seating areas and distinctive design. Some of the most common materials to build a gazebo out of are wood, vinyl and cedar!

When you design a gazebo, it’s important to keep in mind not only the aesthetic of the material, but the practicality of it as well! Here is a general overview to help you decide how to build a gazebo yourself:

  • Vinyl Gazebos: When you see a sleek and shiny white gazebo, it is most likely built out of vinyl! This maintenance-free and long-lasting material is THE preferred choice for everyday backyard style and satisfaction.
  • Wood Gazebos: Nothing is as timeless and traditional as a wooden gazebo. Although affordable and available in a multitude of colors, ongoing maintenance tends to be the biggest draw back with this option as it’s predicted to have the shortest lifespan of these gazebo building materials.
  • Cedar Gazebos: Those who love the look of a wooden gazebo, but not the regular maintenance it requires often fall in LOVE with cedar! The western red cedar wood that our gazebo builders use contains oily fibers that act as a natural preservative to help the wood resist rot and decay.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry! Deciding what material to use when you design a gazebo comes down to your personal preferences! Learn more about the differences between wood and maintenance-free vinyl gazebos here. Plus, you can reach out to our experts at any time for help on how to build a gazebo and which materials to choose.

Choose Your Gazebo Shape

For DIY-ers and handy homeowners learning how to build a gazebo themselves, the shape of the structure tends to be the area of most confusion. Octagons, ovals, and rectangles are all modern gazebo shapes that each create a different look and feel to your backyard structure. foundation is vital when designing a gazebo.

See some of our beautiful gazebo shape options available and get inspired to design your own when you view our online project gallery!


Select a Roof for Your Gazebo

custom asphalt shingle roof for your gazebo

Selecting the roof for a gazebo puts the finishing touch on the design of its appearance!

When you trust The Backyard Showcase as your Amish gazebo builder, you can choose from a variety of dependable roofing options including…

  • Gazebo Roofing Material: Asphalt shingle, cedar shingle, rubber slate, or metal
  • Gazebo Roofing Style: Standard or pagoda
  • Gazebo Roof Colors: There are over 15+ roof colors to choose from!

Choosing the right style, material and color is vital to ensure that the roof for your gazebo complements the overall look of your outdoor living space. Discover all the options you have for the roof of a gazebo when you request a free quote from The Backyard Showcase today!


Decide Between Professional Gazebo Builders VS. DIY Installation

gazebo builders

The big question when deciding how to build a gazebo is who will build it.

Customers should consider the following advantages and disadvantages of each option to make the best decision for their budget and project needs.

DIY Gazebo Builder Advantages:
  1. Can be completed over a weekend with some help from family/friends.
  2. Can save money as no professional installation cost is required
  3. Can be a fun and rewarding project for the whole family to work on together.


Professional Gazebo Builder Advantages:
  1. Trusted to get the gazebo built accurately, quickly, and beautifully.
  2. Often will be protected by contractor warranties for decades.
  3. A Convenient, worry-free installation process.

At The Backyard Showcase, we offer our top-rated custom gazebos as both a DIY and a professionally installed package. With the ability to shop directly online and enjoy fast, nationwide shipping, working with The Backyard Showcase is a no-brainer!

See what our customers have to say about their experience with us and shop gazebos online now!


Complete Your Custom Gazebo with The Backyard Showcase

custom gazebo

Now that you know how to design a gazebo, it’s time to get started with your custom project! Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way—from choosing the best materials and style for your new outdoor structure, all the way through installation.

Plus, with our low-cost, nationwide shipping and easy online shopping experience, you can be sure you’ll get the gazebo of your dreams for a price that fits your budget.

We look forward to helping make your backyard dreams come true!

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