How to Decorate a Pergola Like a Pro

When it comes to a brand new backyard structure, you have nearly unlimited possibilities for decorating it. Discovering how to decorate a pergola can be nearly as exciting as designing it in the first place. Ranging from the simple to the stunning, these accessories and upgrades can enhance the style or even change the way you use your new piece.

At The Backyard Showcase, we design and build a wide range of luxury outdoor structures including pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, and much more. If your new piece is already adorning your backyard, we’re here to help you decorate it. However, if you haven’t built your pergola or pavilion yet, we’d love to work with you! Keep reading to learn how to decorate a pergola like an outdoor tastemaker — or reach out to work with one of our designers!

Pergola Decorating Ideas

pergola decorating ideas

Whether it’s mounted on your deck or sitting in your yard, a gorgeous pergola is the centerpiece of countless outdoor designs. While the structure itself might be the base, the extras, accessories, and decorations give it a true sense of distinct character. Our favorite pergola decorating ideas enhance what makes the piece beautiful while making the whole space more effective. See our 5 favorite ideas right here:

  1. Lighting — When customers ask us how to decorate their pergola, this is the first place we start. If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve almost certainly seen the trend of stringing Edison lights from the pergola lattice — there’s no question that’s an unbeatable DIY look! Adding a lighting scheme to your piece not only beautifies it, but it also makes your pergola usable later into the evening hours. While the DIY Edison lights are certainly on trend, if you’re looking for a different style of lighting scheme, we can build subtle lighting into your pergola itself!
  2. Furniture — This pergola decorating idea is an absolute essential for so many different backyard designs. Unless you plan the piece to only be a visual accent, you’ll want to include seating into the space. If you’re willing to invest in quality, you can find outdoor tables and chairs that boost your outdoor style while being able to stand up to the elements. We recommend using the color of the furniture to play against the pergola color for an intriguing, multi-faceted look.

    Learn more about what to look for in quality outdoor furniture — and place your order!
  3. Plants — This is another classic pergola decorating idea. Bringing the beauty and color of plant life to your pergola adds an immediate pop to your piece. Since the vast majority of pergolas have an open roof, this allows plants that need direct sunlight to flourish. The most popular way you’ll see this trend accomplished is by hanging basket plants from the pergola lattice. This is a natural way to display your green thumb while bringing color front and center. Another way to incorporate plants as pergola decorations is by having potters spaced around the posts.
  4. Privacy — Decorate your pergola while making your backyard free from potentially prying eyes. Some of the DIY pergola decorating ideas we’ve seen that provide privacy are mobile privacy walls and even curtains or sheets wrapped around the posts. If you’re interested in extra privacy and haven’t bought your pergola yet, we’d recommend you consider our privacy pergolas. These unique pieces feature as many privacy walls as you want paired with the elegantly slim profile of a pergola.
  5. Paint and Stain — The color of your pergola is one of the biggest factors in the style and is one of the first things people will notice about it. Since a vinyl pergola will never need re-painted or re-stained (something homeowners LOVE about vinyl), you won’t be able to change the color after you build it. However, if you have a wooden pergola, you have the option to completely change the color every few years by adding a fresh coat! This is a pergola decorating idea that will make a massive splash in your outdoor living style — and will keep your wood pergola protected against the elements!

    Still deciding between wood vs vinyl pergolas? We can help!

High-Quality Amish-Built Backyard Structures

decorated white vinyl pergola

If you have a pergola you love in your backyard, we hope our pergola decorating tips sparked your imagination. However, if you’re still shopping for the perfect structure to bring to your backyard, we’d love to work with you.

At The Backyard Showcase, we custom design and build a wide range of wooden and vinyl pergolas for homeowners all over the USA. Not only do we craft a wide range of styles from classic to modern pergola designs, but we also build a higher quality product than you’d find at a typical big box store. Simply put: our pieces are built one at a time in a workshop rather than on an assembly line in a massive factory. That means our customers enjoy a wider variety of styles — and a pergola that can last for decades!

Order Now and Decorate Your Pergola

Now you have a better idea of how to decorate a pergola — so, all you need is that brand new pergola. If you’re ready to start designing your custom piece, our experts are standing by to work with you. Simply reach out to get started and to get your price.

If you’re in the Lancaster County area, we invite you to visit our outdoor showroom and inspiration space!

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