Outdoor Furniture Trend: Outdoor Pub Table Sets

Outdoor pub table sets are the gold standard for completing your deck or patio in style. These outdoor furniture sets typically include 3 or 4 chairs and a small circular table. Their name and style come from the table settings you’d often see in cozy pubs – indoors or outdoors. Discover what makes this style amazing and see our pub style patio sets here!

At The Backyard Showcase, we’re a total outdoor living company that specializes in everything from building pergolas and pavilions to selling the furniture that goes with it. We’re showing off some of our outdoor pub table sets right here – check them out and shop today!

Why to Love Our Pub Style Patio Sets

As is the case with everything you’d find at The Backyard Showcase, these pub style patio sets deliver eye-catching looks and smart advantages. Any one of our Amish-built furniture sets are a better investment than what you’d find at your average big box store for countless reasons. Here’s why these pieces have become a winner for so many homeowners:

Pub style patio set


  • Cozy & ComfortableFrom a visual standpoint, outdoor pub tables and chairs are attractive, and they make your space feel like a cozy street bistro. From an entertaining perspective, they make sitting with friends (and enjoying coffee or wine) very comfortable. Outdoor furniture like this is one of the most popular deck accessories to invest in when upgrading your space.
  • Space-Efficient – Not every outdoor living space has the room for a full dining table. However, a pub style patio set is space efficient enough to easily fit into the corner of almost any outdoor area. Even on a very compact 10’X10’ deck, you can enjoy one of these sets.
  • Colorful – With color schemes ranging from bright and bold to sophisticatedly neutral, you’re sure to find a color that matches your space. The most colorful of these come in blues, oranges, and several other hues that add striking visual appeal to your deck or patio. On the other hand, a more subtle shade of furniture can be a perfect match for pairing with the color of your home’s trim or siding.
  • All-Weather Durability – Not only are all of these pub style patio sets beautiful and comfortable, but they are a practical buy as well. Since you’re going to have these pieces of furniture outside in the elements for years, they need to last. Firstly, all of these polyvinyl pieces are guaranteed to never rot, rust, or grow mold. On top of that, these top-tier pub table sets are designed to resist fading and keep their beautiful color over the many years you own them!

See Outdoor Pub Tables and Chairs

While all of our sets of outdoor pub tables and chairs are alike, you’ll find some key differences that set them apart. Factors such as the height of the chairs or table, as well as the style and color choices, are all something to consider. Check out a few of our most popular sets right here:

If you want to see any of these outdoor pub table and chairs in person, we encourage you to visit our Lancaster County outdoor showcase. Not only can you check out an even wider range of furniture options than what you see here, but you can also see fully-built inspiration spaces that make use of our signature Amish structures.

Simply put, if you live in Lancaster County or are vacationing here (or even just passing through!), The Backyard Showcase is a must-visit destination for all your outdoor needs!


Buy Your Outdoor Pub Table Set

If you’re ready to bring home your outdoor pub table set, we’d love to help. As of the time of writing in Spring 2022, we are fully stocked with a wide range of beautiful and durable pub style patio sets. If you want to start shopping, we encourage you to visit our showroom, give us a call, or get in contact right here!

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