Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion & Pergola Inspiration

Ready to transform your grill or cooking station into a Pinterest-worthy outdoor kitchen? We have the X-factor your space needs: a handmade pavilion or pergola. An outdoor kitchen pavilion or pergola has the ability to pull your entire outdoor space together — and that’s just what we’re showcasing today.

At The Backyard Showcase, we custom-craft backyard structures like pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos that bring your dream outdoor living designs to life. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting everything you need to know about getting an outdoor kitchen pavilion or pergola for your backyard. Keep reading to get inspired — or reach out to one of our outdoor designers to get started building your own!

Grill Pergola and Pavilion Need-to-Know Info

grill pergola

During the warmer months, there are few things your family loves more than cooking and eating your meals outside. This is why countless homeowners choose to make their grill or outdoor dining area the star of their backyard. So, whether you’re building your outdoor kitchen from the ground up — or you’re simply looking to accessorize with a grill pergola or pavilion — we want to help.

Here are some key things you need to know about outdoor kitchen pavilions and pergolas:

Use the Right Material

We build our structures using both vinyl and wood, and each material is right for different applications. For example, if you’re planning to place a pavilion over a charcoal grill, you’ll want to opt for a wooden pavilion rather than vinyl. That’s because the charcoal grill smoke can stain the ceiling of a white vinyl pavilion. However, wood pavilions often come standard with gorgeously cinder-stained ceilings. On the other hand, if you have a gas grill, either option is open to you.

Try an In-Line Grill Pergola

Even if you don’t want to go all-out updating your outdoor space yet, a small in-line grill pergola can make a huge style impact. Adding one of these slim two-post pergolas is the perfect way to draw attention to your grill. Plus, like all pergolas, one of these will add an eye-catching vertical dimension to the style of your backyard space.

Make Your Grill a Year-Round Cooking Feature

While an in-line grill pergola may be a purely style feature, the right outdoor kitchen pavilion can definitely be a practical choice. By keeping your entire cooking space covered with a leak-proof roof, you can enjoy a flame-grilled dinner even if it’s raining or snowing.

Have Good Ventilation for Your Grill Pavilion

This is another practical point to keep in mind for charcoal grill fans. When you’re choosing the style for your grill pavilion, make sure you pick one with built-in ventilation to make cooking more comfortable. We recommend selecting a pagoda roof or an add-on cupola.

Outdoor Dining Rooms Look Amazing with Pergolas

While a pavilion will certainly offer unbeatable protection from the elements, from our experience, a pergola is the perfect choice for an outdoor dining area. Nothing creates the feeling that your backyard is a really an exclusive restaurant like sitting under an elegant pergola wrapped in lights.

Size for Bar Seating

We’ve heard it from customers time and time again: their outdoor kitchen pavilion becomes the centerpiece of their yard — whether that was their original plan or not. After all, if you have cool shade and a hot grill, it’s a natural place to hang out. That’s why we recommend sizing your pavilion to be big enough to include a bar or comfortable seating. Just another way that the right upgrade can turn your backyard into your favorite hangout!

Plan for Privacy

Keep privacy in mind when crafting a space that will serve as a part-time oasis. If you want to host secluded and intimate gatherings in your backyard, that sense of privacy is essential. If you have an ultra-tall privacy fence, this might already be taken care of — but if not, your pergola or pavilion can provide that, too. See our privacy pergolas right here!


Even More Favorite Outdoor Kitchen Structures

While this blog is all about designing outdoor kitchen pavilions and pergolas, they’re just the tip of the outdoor living iceberg. At The Backyard Showcase, we build even more unique outdoor structures that could be perfect for your needs.

holiday shadow outdoor kitchen structure

Holiday Shadow

This outdoor structure is a Backyard Showcase original and it combines the sleek beloved style of a pergola with the full coverage roof of a pavilion. Pair one of these with your grill for an attractive aesthetic and practical protection from the elements.

Shop the Holiday Shadow

field contemporary outdoor kitchen structure

Field Contemporary

This ambitious all-inclusive structure can be the perfect complement to your outdoor kitchen and dining room. This roomy, full-shaded structure would be the perfect venue for a full-size backyard kitchen and accompanying eating area. Once again, the Field Contemporary is a 100% custom creation of the designers at The Backyard Showcase.

Shop the Field Contemporary

Custom Design Your Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion or Pergola

When you’re ready to get started planning your custom outdoor kitchen pavilion or other structure, our team is here to help. No matter your style goals, your budget and your current backyard, you can absolutely transform your space with one of these gorgeous custom pieces. When you’re ready to have a conversation, reach out to our designers for a no-obligation consultation and quote!

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