Our Favorite Patio Updates to Try in 2020

A patio can be gorgeous, great for entertaining, and one of your favorite parts of your home (inside or out). Unfortunately, your current patio is none of those things — not yet anyway. If you’re ready to transform your patio this year, we’re here to help — check out some of our favorite patio updates!

At The Backyard Showcase, we build the high-quality outdoor structures like pergolas and pavilions that enhance yards across the country. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing some of the best patio makeover ideas that you can use to get your patio ready for the spring season. Explore these great outdoor living hacks — and shop for the perfect structures to go with your patio.

7 Patio Makeover Ideas

patio makeover ideas

The dream-come-true patios you see on HGTV and in magazines are closer than you think — all it takes is a little time and money on your end. Our patio makeover ideas range from DIY touches to custom-built additions.

  1. Clear the Clutter — A little spring cleaning can make all the difference. If your patio is covered with needless clutter, that can make it hard to let the luxury style shine through. If you have old furniture, kids toys, or extra stuff in the way, organizing is the first step to rejuvenate your patio.

    If you need a place to store all of that extra clutter, we sell a wide range of Amish sheds.
  2. Landscape — One thing almost all of those patios you’ve been admiring have in common is crisp and clean landscaping. One of the easiest patio makeover ideas is to simply landscape around your hardscape space. Trim any shrubs or other plants that surround the patio, pull weeds that may be poking through the stones, and keep the grass around the edges looking tidy. This simple Saturday afternoon chore can help to make the other patio updates look even better.
  3. Furniture — Your patio surface itself still has a striking look but nobody notices because your furniture has seen better days. One of the most common style issues we see is that old, outdated, or simply run-down furniture undermines the overall décor. Upgrading your furniture as part of a porch makeover will immediately grab your guests’ attention and can help set the tone for your outdoor space. At The Backyard Showcase, we offer a huge variety of outdoor furniture ranging from the modern to the ultra-colorful.
  4. Power Wash the Surface (Only If It’s Safe) — Over the years, your patio can become coated in a layer of outdoor dirt and grime. This can hide the once attractive patio hardscape surface. Restore that beauty by power washing your patio as one of the first steps of your patio update. However, keep in mind that some stone patios may crack under the pressure — so be sure that your patio can handle the power washing.
  5. Add a Pergola — The centerpiece of almost any patio update, adding a pergola can transform your space in more ways than one. First, the elegant pergola structure will add a brand-new vertical dimension to your hardscape. Secondly, the eye-catching pergola will become the new focal piece of the space, whether it covers your dining table, seating area, or something else. Finally, the pergola can also provide you the much-needed shade and privacy to make your patio even more usable.

    See all three of our hand-built pergola options.
  6. Lighting — A patio makeover is all about seeing an old space in a new light — and lights are a great way to make that happen. One of the most popular ways to incorporate this touch is by stringing hanging lights from your house across the length of your space. Another truly expert outdoor décor style is to wrap the beams of your new pergola in subtle string lights.
  7. Water or Fire Feature — Another accessory that can become the star of your patio, adding a fire or water feature (or both!) can make your space more fun and more beautiful. A lightly flickering fire can make spring nights even more ambient — on the other hand, a fountain can contribute a serene sense and sound to your backyard patio. Bringing either of these add-ons to your patio update can change the look and the feel at the same time.

Amish Quality Structures at Affordable Prices

patio update with backyard pavilion

At The Backyard Showcase, we bring true Amish-crafted structures to homeowners across the country. Some of our signature items include our pergolas and backyard pavilions that can transform almost any outdoor area.

While we have a large selection of popular models, our project managers are always on hand to work with you to design the custom structure that is the perfect complement to your home. Contact us to start the conversation today!

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