Pergola and Pavilion Sizes Explored

You have TONS of options when it comes to your custom pergola or pavilion from The Backyard Showcase. From color and material, to style and accessories — it’s all up to you. However, picking the right size is one of the most important choices you can make. That’s why we’re highlighting the most popular pavilion sizes and pergola sizes — and what you can do with them!

At The Backyard Showcase, we build a wide range of outdoor structures including pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, cabanas, and much more. In today’s blog, we’re helping you pick the right dimensions for your custom space. Keep reading to learn about the pergola sizes and pavilion sizes that meet different needs — or start the conversation with one of our outdoor designers.

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Most Popular Pergola Dimensions

In recent years, pergolas have emerged as the hottest backyard accessory. Their elegantly slim style is the perfect complement to decks, patios, and greenspaces. Don’t believe us? Just flip on HGTV or check out Pinterest and you’ll see these gorgeous structures everywhere!

When it comes to bringing one to your yard, the pergola dimensions play a huge role in how you’ll use it. These are the most common pergola sizes we build and how homeowners often use them:

10×12 Feet

pergola dimensions

This modestly-sized pergola is ideal for making a small space truly standout. A pergola with these dimensions is a great accent piece for a small sitting area or for accessorizing a grill.

12×16 Feet

pergola sizes

This is one of the most common sets of pergola dimensions we use since it tends to be a perfect size for an average family deck or patio. A pergola of this size will be big enough for a spacious outdoor dining area or an outdoor living room — without being too big for most people’s decks or patios.

12×20 Feet

large pergola size

This large pergola is a true statement piece that can truly transform a space. This size pergola is often used as a poolside accent to create the feel of a backyard resort. While we can build any size custom pergola you want, these are the largest pergola dimensions we often see.

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Most Popular Pavilion Dimensions

Pavilions are a fantastic addition to any outdoor design. Not only do they make an impressive impact on your home’s style, but the solid pavilion roof also provides complete protection from the sun and rain. Plus, these structures come in a wide range of pavilion design styles that make them work with any backyard décor. Just like with pergolas, the pavilion dimensions determine the possibilities.

These are the four most common pavilion sizes to consider:

10×10 Feet

pavilion dimensions

The pavilion dimensions may be fairly small, but the enjoyment can be huge. This is the pavilion size that we recommend using to cover a hot tub. For added privacy, you can add privacy walls to your pavilion.

12×16 Feet

pavilion dimensions for deck

A very popular size to select, these pavilions provide much-needed shade from the weather, without overshadowing the rest of the deck or patio. Like the pergolas of the same dimensions, structures of this size are a great solution for keeping an outdoor dining room covered.

16×20 Feet

pavilion size for outdoor living room

Another great family-size option, these pavilions are sufficient for creating a true outdoor living room and eating space. This size also works for a shaded poolside retreat, complete with your own private bar.

16×24 Feet

large pavilion size

These pavilion dimensions often go along with what we describe as a backyard party space. A pavilion like this will be perfect for practically any and all social gatherings. Bottom line: a pavilion like this won’t just be show-stopping because it’s beautiful — but also because it’s HUGE!

Bringing a pavilion to a park or public space? Check out all of our commercial pavilion options.

Discuss Pergola & Pavilion Sizes

While reading about the most popular pavilion and pergola dimensions may be ideal for some people, we know other people prefer a conversation. That’s why our experienced outdoor designers are ready to help. We’ll work to match these pergola and pavilion sizes to your needs, your outdoor space, and your budget. Reach out today to start the conversation and to get your custom price quote!

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