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Pergolas are a truly in-demand outdoor accessory that complete backyards all over the country. Having the ability to quickly and effectively build pergolas for your clients is a great option to have in your arsenal as a contractor, landscaper, or handyman. We’re highlighting what makes The Backyard Showcase a smart pergola supply choice for all types of contractors and outdoor experts.

At The Backyard Showcase, we craft a wide range of luxury outdoor structures such as pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos. While we make our pieces available for order by homeowners, contractors also often choose to buy from us due to our variety, the convenience of ordering with us, the support we provide, and our contractor pricing benefits. Learn more about why we’re a great pergola supply company for professionals — or place your order today!

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Why Our Wholesale Pergolas are Time and Cost Effective

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The boom in pergola popularity has taken them from a niche item to one of the hottest outdoor accessories on the market. We imagine that you’ve noticed a dramatic increase in demand, too. That’s why finding a supplier for wholesale pergolas has become so essential. These are the benefits of making The Backyard Showcase your pergola connection — rather than building them on your own:

  1. Labor Saving — When you buy a wholesale pergola kit, you skip several of the most time-consuming steps. For example, you won’t have to create a design, buy materials, make measurements, cut boards, or stain lumber. All of these steps are already done for you. In addition to your pergola kit, we provide you with the renderings and drawings you’ll need.
  2. Time-Efficient — As they say, time is money. Bottom line: assembling a kit rather than building your own pergola saves you time in so many more ways than you might even realize. For a skilled contractor, putting together one of our kits takes between three and four hours. We’ve heard customers tell us that they used to easily spend 50 hours or more building their pergolas from the ground up before they bought from us!
  3. Exceptional Quality Product — While you may be saving time, you aren’t cutting any corners. Our pergolas are built by Amish craftsmen and meet the highest standards of quality. All of our structures are hand-built from extremely high-quality wood or vinyl to ensure decades of performance in the elements.

    Compare vinyl vs. wood pergolas.
  4. Huge Range of Styles — Our pergola kits don’t just make the process easier for you — they also expand the repertoire of what you can offer. We build a massive range of classically elegant and modern style pergolas. Plus, you now have access to a huge range of different styles and add-ons. For example, our privacy pergolas are something unique that your customers are sure to love!
  5. Custom Choices Made Easy — Just because you’re bringing in some extra help, doesn’t mean you and your client have any less creative options. When you work with us, you have a dedicated designer who will be able to build custom designs that create a unique look or meet a specific requirement. In fact, we work with an architectural firm that has an engineer licensed in every state to ensure we can build anything you need.
  6. Can Back You Up on Installation — At The Backyard Showcase, we also have installation crews that jump in to install the pergola for your project if you and your team are too busy. While most of our contractor partners prefer to handle the installation themselves, this is just one more reason to choose us as your pergola supply company.
  7. Contractor Pricing Benefits — Since we deeply value the professionals who trust us as a source for wholesale pergolas, we want to give back. That’s why we want to pay you back! For every $30,000 you spend with us, we’ll write you a personal or business check for $2,000! This bonus is our way of thanking you for trusting us with your business and your customers’ satisfaction.

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Also Offering Elite Pavilion Kits

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While pergolas are the trending choice right now, backyard pavilions can be a great complement to many homes and outdoor spaces. Just like with our wholesale pergolas, we also make pavilions available for contractors as well. All of the same advantages that make us a great choice for pergola supply also apply to our pavilions. You can count on all the same time-efficient custom designs, the exceptional Amish quality, and the exclusive pricing benefits.

Make The Backyard Showcase Your Pergola Supply Company

At The Backyard Showcase, our mission is to bring real Amish craftsmanship to people all across the country. We cherish our contractor relationships and do everything we can to make sure that our pergola kits satisfy your customers — while saving you real time and money. If you want to start a relationship and make us your pergola supply company, we’d love to have a conversation. Feel free to fill out a form, give us a call, or send us a message!

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