7 Pool Patio Decor Ideas

Dreaming of making your in-ground pool look like the amazing resort-style pools you see on HGTV? That’s within your grasp! The right pool patio décor ideas and deluxe upgrades can make a standard in-ground pool into a standout showstopper! Discover the updates you can do yourself as well as start brainstorming the professional installations that bring your space together!

At The Backyard Showcase, we craft a wide range of Amish outdoor structures that complete spaces all over the country. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting pool patio décor ideas that create attractive, yet comfortable poolside areas perfect for family and friends. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite ideas — or reach out to our team to discuss your project!

Incredible Pool Makeover Ideas You Need to See

Having an in-ground pool in your backyard is one of the most sought-after elements of any home. However, having a custom luxury pool-scape that your friends and neighbors can’t help but admire is even better. Check out our pool makeover ideas that can truly transform your space, and find the ideas that work for you:

1. Create a Poolside Clubhouse

pool makeover ideas

This pool patio décor idea can bring a five-star resort feel and make your pool an even more fun place to hang out. The goal of a poolside clubhouse is to create a comfortable furnished area to spend time with friends poolside — under a full-coverage roof. These spaces often come built around outdoor televisions, fire features, dining tables, or built-in bars. In almost all cases, a backyard pavilion or a gazebo is at the center of this pool makeover idea.

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pool furniture ideas

A beautiful in-ground pool with handcrafted backyard décor simply doesn’t pair well alongside cheap plastic furniture. That’s why one of the simplest ways to bring an elegant touch to your pool is with a matching set of new poly furniture that looks the part and will last for years out in the weather. Start with the basics like a table and chairs as well as several recliners.

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vinyl pool shed

One thing that you never associate with a luxury in-ground pool is an overflowing mess of toys and pool supplies. That’s why a brand new poolside shed can be the right pool makeover idea if you always find yourself dealing with extra clutter. You can pair the trim of a high-end backyard shed with the look of your pool — or you can nestle it somewhere out of sight in your yard. Either way, this pool addition works well by eliminating the clutter.

Shop Backyard Sheds 4. Perimeter Piece

poolside patio pergola

More for the elegant aesthetic than a practical benefit, this is one of the most attractive pool makeover ideas. Consider adding an accent (like a pergola) around the edge of your pool space. This visual mark provides a clear perimeter as well as the all-important vertical highlight to your otherwise flat pool space.

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private pool cabana

This pool patio décor idea also increases the convenience and comfort factor. Firstly, adding a cabana changing area cuts out unnecessary trips back into the house. On top of that, nothing makes your pool-scape look more distinguished than a dedicated cabana built close at hand. Cabana styles range from traditional wooden structures to unique gazebo styles — see our favorite cabana ideas!

Shop Cabanas 6. Luxury Lighting

pool patio lighting

During the daytime, you’d hardly notice it’s there — but at night, it becomes a glowing focal point. This is a pool makeover idea that you can implement in a variety of ways. From lighting embedded underwater in your pool to landscape lighting placed strategically around your pool, you have tons of options. One of our favorite ways to create a pool lighting scheme involves building lighting into or wrapping it around the beams and lattice of a pergola.

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vinyl pool gazebo

You’ve almost certainly seen one of these pool patio décor ideas but didn’t know exactly what it was. In modern pool décor design, placing a covered space and some natural touches directly adjacent to the water is highly popular. Placed much closer to the water’s edge than the clubhouse, this comfortable and connected space is meant for taking time out of the water — without feeling like you’ve left anyone behind. Either a gazebo or a pavilion is the perfect choice for creating one of these spaces.

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Custom Designs Are a Specialty Here

Many of these pieces you’ve seen here and many of the pool makeover ideas that inspired them began with a conversation. While we do sell a standard line of outdoor structures, we are also proud to offer you fully custom options, too. Whether you want to design a one-of-a-kind poolside clubhouse or you envision a grand perimeter pergola, we’d love to build it for you.

Check out our project gallery for even more inspiration for what we can build with you!

Bring Your Pool Patio Décor Ideas to Life

Feel ready to take these pool patio décor ideas from vision to reality? Our team is here to help. Whether you want to order one of our most popular pieces or custom build, the first step is a conversation. Our outdoor designers will help you finalize your vision — and get you a price to make it happen!

Reach out to start the conversation!

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