Our Favorite Shed Color Combinations

Chances are very good you’re buying a shed because you need the storage space, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look amazing in your backyard, too. When you work with The Backyard Showcase, you have more options for a gorgeous and distinct backyard shed than you likely ever imagined. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting a few of our best-loved shed color combinations.

At The Backyard Showcase, we build and sell handcrafted outdoor pieces such as pergolas, pavilions, and storage sheds. We design all of our structures to both look fantastic and stand up to the elements for decades. Keep reading to see our shed color combinations — or reach out today to order your backyard garden shed.

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5 Shed Color Schemes You Need to See

While the practical benefits might be behind the purchase, there’s no denying that gorgeous shed color schemes add a signature style to your backyard. Having a shed that’s completely unique to your backyard — or that complements your home — will improve the overall look and aesthetic of your yard. Ready for inspiration? These are 5 of our favorite shed color schemes:

1. Green and White

green and white shed color schemes

Elegant and offbeat, this shed color combination is often made by pairing green shed siding with white trim and window shutters. We’d recommend this style for homeowners who want a unique shed that their neighbors won’t have — without veering into experimental territory.

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2. White and Black

white and black shed color combinations

This is our choice for a truly modern shed color scheme. With white vinyl siding and black accents, this shed matches better with modern style homes than rustic farmhouses or colonial ones. In addition, for houses that have vibrant siding colors, this color combo can help balance that as well.

3. Rustic Wood

rustic wood shed color schemes

For everyone who wishes they lived in a log cabin deep in the woods, this is the backyard shed for you! Built with real wood panels and stained to enhance the look, this shed boasts a natural rustic wood ambiance. Adding a brown trim to the doors and windows helps to bring out the color of the wood, while completing the theme.

4. Tan, Blue, and White

tan, blue, and white shed color combinations

A true classic, these timeless colors look attractive in almost any backyard paired with almost any house. Generally, this style is achieved by accenting tan shed siding with a blue door and blue shutters. White trim is used to tie the whole design together. Some variations of this classic color scheme pair blue siding with white and tan accents.

5. Red and White

red and white shed color schemes

Your address may be suburban, but you feel like a rancher at heart — and this is the shed to complete your dream backyard. This unique shed color scheme immediately brings to mind the classic look of a country barn. Its style is achieved by combining solid red shed siding with white trim and shutters. To complete the illusion of a true hobby farm, make sure to custom order this barn in a classic Dutch Barn style.

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The Amish-Built Shed Advantages

You can count on our sheds to not only look exceptional but to stand up to the elements for decades to come. We can promise that because, like everything sold at The Backyard Showcase, our sheds are hand-built by Amish craftsmen.

Here’s how that compares to hardware store sheds — and what it means for you:

  • Superior Materials — Our handmade sheds are built from real shingles and wooden or vinyl siding just like your home.
  • Better Construction — The quality sheds you’ll find at The Backyard Showcase were each individually crafted by Amish builders in a workshop — rather than being built hundreds at a time in huge factories.
  • Unbeatable Lifespan — Our sheds can easily last 20 years because they were expertly crafted from high-quality materials. Your chances of getting that longevity from a big box store shed are non-existent.
  • Custom Options — You can’t get your custom shed color combination at a hardware store — what they have in the parking lot is what you get.

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Bring Your Favorite Shed Color Combination Home

These five favorites are just a few of the shed color combinations that we build for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. If you’re ready to bring your brand new shed home, we’re here to help. Our team of outdoor designers will work with you to find your shed color scheme, style, and size!

Start the conversation to discuss your new shed — and to get your quote!

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