Our Favorite Shed Hangout Ideas

In recent years, many people have started to jump on the HGTV trend of making their outdoor shed a place they can go to spend time. Today, we are discussing our favorite shed hangout ideas, and how you can transform your brand-new shed into a place you go to relax, unwind, and even practice a favorite hobby. If you are looking for a place that is all your own, check out the shed conversion ideas we share below.

At The Backyard Showcase, we are dedicated to creating outdoor structures that can increase how much you enjoy your backyard. These include cabanas, pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, playsets, and other types of outdoor furniture. Discover all of our favorite shed hangout ideas — and get inspired to build your own!

5 Shed Conversion Ideas

If you’re shopping for a new shed, keep these shed conversion ideas in mind when planning. These are some of the most interesting ways you can turn your storage shed into so much more:

1. Backyard Cooking Space

shed conversion ideas for backyard cooking space

Do you love to go out to eat, but don’t love the prices? Then you might want to look into converting your shed into an outdoor restaurant or pub. This can be completed by adding your grill outside or inside your shed, adding a mini or full-sized fridge to hold food and drinks, and adding some furniture or chairs to make the space easy to use for your guests.

2. Music Play Room

shed hangout ideas for music playroom

Do you or someone in your family take playing a musical instrument seriously? If you have a louder instrument or are just looking for a place to hone your musical talent, consider our second shed hangout idea, which is a music studio. To make this happen, you’ll want a shed that can be outfitted with an electrical hookup. Plus, if you want to hang some sound dampening panels, you’ll need a shed with wooden walls that can support those panels.

3. Reading Room

shed conversion ideas for reading room

If you are a real bookworm, think about converting your shed into a reading room or library. Add bookshelves, comfy seating, and more to turn your outdoor shed into the perfect place to escape into a great book. This is one of the easiest shed conversion ideas to make a reality!

4. Yoga Studio/Exercise Room

shed hangout ideas for yoga studio

If you need a place to meditate or practice yoga, your outdoor shed could be the answer. Add pillows, mats, and even carpeting if you are up for it, and transform your little shed into a yoga studio. If you are interested in other types of workouts like Pilates, cycling, or lifting, transform your shed by adding the necessary tools you need to get your sweat on. Stop paying for a gym membership and invest in your own makeshift home gym today!

5. Media Room

shed hangout ideas for media room

This shed hangout idea will require a little more attention because electricity is needed to get your media room up and running. Add speakers, a TV, shelves to store your DVDs, and more to make this room the perfect place to get lost in a TV series or movie. Getting out of the house to watch the big game or one of your favorite movies is an exciting and fun feeling!

Shop Backyard Storage Sheds

These are just the beginning of shed conversion ideas you and your family will love! If you have an idea for a shed hang out, we can work with you to make it a reality!

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Key Traits Needed for Any Hangout Shed

shed conversion ideas

At The Backyard Showcase, we make it our mission to create custom sheds that will last you and your family for decades. We know that when investing in outdoor equipment, it is important to have several key traits to make it worth your while. Here are the things you need to ensure your shed features before converting it into your new hangout spot.

  • Watertight — No one wants rainwater or flooding to damage their outdoor shed. That is why it’s important to get an outdoor shed that is watertight like the ones we offer at The Backyard Showcase. Our Amish-built sheds never get warped or twisted by water damage due to the waterlogged lumber that is stored outside. Our sheds are handcrafted with reliable materials like vinyl, with real architectural shingle roofs.
  • Custom Options — Custom options are key to bringing your shed hangout ideas to life. Some of our favorite custom options include multiple shed styles, different color choices, and the option to add electricity to your shed. We can completely transform a shed into the design highlight of your yard, so don’t be afraid to ask us about different customizations and options to make your shed all you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • Long-Lasting — If you put a lot of work into your shed, you want it to last. You can trust that any shed we deliver to your home will last you decades with little maintenance required on your end. That comes from the high-quality materials and the skill of our builders.

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Bring Your Shed Hangout Ideas to Life

We hope these shed hangout ideas have you feeling inspired. Having a yoga studio, restaurant, reading room, or more can be a great way for you to explore new hobbies and to escape the busyness of everyday life. Make your backyard useful and fun again with one of the shed hangout ideas from The Backyard Showcase. Contact us today for a free quote on any of our sheds or outdoor living structures!

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