The Most Popular Shed Types You Can Bring Home

Bringing a new shed to your backyard is all about solving problems — mostly the problem of where you’re going to keep your stuff. However, one of the best parts of shopping for your new shed is exploring the huge variety of shed types and finding the style that you love! There are so many more intriguing, style-forward options than most homeowners know about — and we’re highlighting some of them in today’s blog!

At The Backyard Showcase, we sell high-quality Amish sheds that look beautiful while providing the watertight storage homeowners rely on. Keep reading to explore the most popular shed types — or reach out right now to get your quote!

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5 In-Demand Storage Shed Styles

The right backyard shed can offer you more than a place to store your lawnmower and garden tools — it can truly enhance your backyard décor, too! Explore our storage shed styles to find the one that contributes to your own outdoor style:

Quaker Shed

shed styles

Simple yet stupendous, this popular storage shed style features a large door and two windows on the front of the structure. You’ll also notice that the roof on a Quaker shed features a modest overhang as well. The visual style is unobtrusive, and the horizontal shape maximizes storage for boxes and hand tools.

Mini Barn

types of sheds

On average, this is the most cost-effective shed style we offer. The mini barn is instantly recognizable from the rounded barn roof. To keep the price low, this style often goes without windows or extras. Featuring a large entry door, this stripped-down shed is ideal for storing sizeable power equipment like zero-turn mowers and snow blowers.

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A-Frame Shed

a-frame shed type

The trait that makes this shed stand out is the simple and even A-frame shape of the roof. One of the most versatile types of sheds we install, the A-frame shed can either be simple or elaborate, depending on your taste. These sheds often come with two windows, a main door, and the option for an additional entry door.

Dutch Barn

dutch barn shed style

Combining the rounded barn roof of a mini-barn with the style of a Quaker shed, this option brings a unique style along with a wide storage area. Thanks to the barn inspiration, this shed brings a truly rustic feel to your backyard — especially in the right colors!

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Classic Shed

type of classic shed

Our most luxury-focused shed style, the classic shed is the option for those who want a truly beautiful backyard structure. While all of our sheds are meant to be aesthetically pleasing, the classic makes style a priority. Notice the ultra-trendy doors, the window boxes, the cupola, and the elaborate trim options. Classic sheds represent the perfect pairing of practical storage and luxury design!

If any of these shed styles caught your eye, reach out to also discover the custom touches that will make it all your own!

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Average Prices Revealed

Considering there are so many different shed styles and types of sheds to choose from, giving an average price is a difficult thing to do. However, since we want to make finalizing your budget easier, we’re going to present you with some ballpark figures:

  • On average, a small wooden shed in a basic style will cost approximately $1,500 to $2,000
  • On average, a medium-sized vinyl shed in most styles will cost approximately $3,000 to $3,500
  • On average, a large-sized vinyl shed with ample custom additions and accessories will cost approximately $5,000

Of course, the only way to lock in your final price is to reach out to our team today!

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Can’t decide between these great shed types? Our team can help! Not only will we explore the advantages that make each shed style right for different purposes, but we will break down the specific prices as well. In addition, we can also work with you to customize your shed with elements you like from multiple different styles.

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