Style Profile: Gable Pavilions

Perfect to transform almost any space, gable pavilions are one of the most in-demand backyard structures of all time. Instantly recognizable due to their open gables with exposed beams, these pavilions create a truly timeless look. Explore your options and imagine how one of these amazing pieces can complete your outdoor living space!

You can create an outdoor space that’s perfect for you and your family with The Backyard Showcase. We offer three different styles of these amazing gable pavilions. Check out the styles and find the perfect fit for your home – or reach out right now to get quotes!

Featuring Our Gable Roof Pavilions

While The Backyard Showcase builds and installs a wide range of styles, open gable roof pavilions have quickly become a homeowner favorite. One of the most amazing things about this pavilion design is its versatility. Depending on the material it’s made of, the open gable roof can create a rough and rustic look or a refined luxury aesthetic. See the different materials right here:


Cedar Gable Roof Pavilion

Wood gable pavilion

If you love the rough-hewn look of natural lumber, then this is the pavilion for you! The open gables showcase the gorgeous red cedar wood that makes this style such a showstopper. In addition to the striking color, the cedar wood gives these pavilions a natural protection against rot and insects. These cedar pavilions are especially popular on concrete patios and near pools and hot tubs!

  • Beautiful red cedar color
  • Rough, rustic aesthetic
  • Natural protection from rot and insects
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Vinyl Gable Roof Pavilion

White vinyl gable pavilion

For those who love a timeless elegance in their designs, vinyl is the favorite choice. These vinyl pavilions bring a classic look that matches almost any space, looking amazing up close and from far away. Plus, the vinyl material means your pavilion will easily last 50+ years in the elements and look amazing the entire time – without ever needing to be painted or stained! This open roof gable pavilion type is a favorite for outdoor dining spaces and home bars.

  • Upscale, luxury style
  • 50+ year lifespan
  • No maintenance ever
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Pressure-Treated Lumber Gable Roof Pavilion

Gable roof pavilion

Pressure-treated lumber pavilions are our most affordable material option. However, they never skimp on style or quality! The pressure-treated lumber presents an enormous range of possible styles, since you can choose from a massive selection of different paints and stains. This pavilion type is popular for accessorizing decks, and it also sees a lot of use in public parks!

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Discover the Amish Quality Difference

Up close of wood gable pavilion

When you’re looking for a gable pavilion, don’t settle on anything but the best. We’ve seen too many cheap options fall apart because they were poorly put together and made with shoddy materials. That’s why we always recommend prioritizing real Amish quality when buying any outdoor structure. From pergolas and pavilions all the way to sheds and playsets, Amish skill means superior materials and hand-built craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else!

Learn more about what the Amish outdoor building difference means for you and see more of what we build!


Get Quotes on Gable Pavilions

If you’re interested in a gable pavilion, we’ll be happy to help! The first step is reaching out and discussing your options with one of our team members. No matter if you want to build the structure yourself or have us build it for you, we can help.

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