What is a Pergola & How to Use One?

While you may have heard that pergolas are the #1 must-have outdoor living trend of the decade, you may still not know exactly what they are. In fact, many homeowners ask us, “What is a pergola?”. A pergola is a large luxury outdoor structure that is comprised of an open lattice roof and is mounted on posts. These versatile structures are used to enhance decks, patios, gardens, and much more! Read today’s blog to learn all about this in-demand outdoor accessory.

At The Backyard Showcase, we build several different style pergolas all across the country, ranging from classic vinyl to our new modern pergolas. Pergolas are one of our signature items, and we’re always happy to show people how beautiful they can be. So now that you know what a pergola is, there’s still a lot to show you! Read our latest blog for inspiration about bringing one home — or shop our line of modern pergolas right here!

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5 Pergola Uses for Your Backyard

Compared to other popular outdoor shade structures like pavilions and gazebos, pergolas stand out due to their ultra-slim profile and open roof. When people ask, “What is a pergola?”, those are the key features we point to. The unique architecture of this structure allows it to complement and complete a wide range of outdoor living spaces. Check out these 5 pergola uses and imagine how they could complete your space:

1. Seating Area

pergola uses

This is one of the most popular pergola uses because it fulfills a universal need and fits almost any space. Adding a pergola with chairs or a small table turns loose furniture into a formal seating area that you’ll love to use. Whether you use this on your deck or patio or in your yard, a pergola effectively ties the space together. In addition, the vertical profile of a pergola can bring extra visual dimensions to the flat space.

2. Poolside Accessory

what is a poolside pergola

Create the feel of a resort pool in your backyard with a perfectly placed pergola. Our white vinyl pergolas create an eye-catching color contrast with the tan of an in-ground pool. Just like with the seating area, the tall structure of a pergola provides the vertical aesthetic touch to complete the space.

3. Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

pergola uses for outdoor kitchen

This pergola use pairs two of the most popular HGTV-approved outdoor trends together. There’s no question that outdoor cooking spaces are some of the most popular inclusions into any new deck or hardscape. By covering the bar or grill, you make it a focal point of the entire outdoor design.

4. Hot Tub Cover

what is a hot tub pergola

Soaking in your hot tub can be one of the most blissful ways to unwind after a long day. This exceptional structure takes an already beautiful part of your yard or patio and makes it into a true showstopper.

5. Outdoor Privacy

pergola uses for outdoor privacy

This is one of the most practical pergola uses — and it’s one most people haven’t ever seen before. By outfitting your pergola with one or more privacy walls, you can make the entire space as secluded as you want. These privacy walls are a popular add-on and make your pergola a practical (as well as a pretty!) addition to your outdoor living area.

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These ideas are only the beginning when it comes to transforming your outdoor space with a centerpiece outdoor structure!

Ample Range of Styles Available from The Backyard Showcase

Not only did we answer your question “what is a pergola?”, but we’d love to be the team that brings one to your backyard. Almost any outdoor space — and any outdoor aesthetic — can be enhanced by one of our pergolas. While the variety of pergola uses is impressive, so is the wide range of styles. Our rough and rustic cedar pergolas provide a truly distinct natural look that appeals to many homeowners. On the other hand, our sleek line of modern pergolas is designed to offer a cutting-edge 21st century take on the classic structure. Finally, the clean look of our vinyl pergolas is a truly timeless favorite that matches almost any home and any color scheme.

If you have questions about how to take your space to the next level with a pergola, our design team is ready to collaborate. Our outdoor designers can help you find your style and decide on custom touches — while getting you a quote to make the project a reality.

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