Why Pavilions with Privacy Walls Are the Next BIG Thing

We all know that pavilions are this decade’s favorite outdoor structure. They’re versatile, can be custom-built to fit any space, and look great! But what happens when you want more privacy in your backyard oasis? Pavilions with privacy walls are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Today we’re introducing you to partially enclosed pavilions: the functional design element that takes your backyard from a neighborhood display to a private getaway!

Check out why pavilions with privacy walls are the next big thing in backyard landscaping – or reach out to The Backyard Showcase to start customizing one of your own now!

7 Complete Reasons to Love Partially Enclosed Pavilions

Getting the privacy you desire is as simple as adding a wall to your pavilion design. Whether you’re searching for a unique style feature that will elevate your outdoor space above the rest, or an affordable way to increase property value, pavilions with privacy walls are a homeowner’s favorite!


Check out 7 complete reasons to love partially enclosed pavilions:

  • Ultimate Privacy – Prying eyes makes for a less-than-ideal afternoon of relaxation. Whether it’s from a neighboring house or neighboring busy street, get the seclusion you need when you build a partially enclosed pavilion!
  • Added Protection – While a regular pavilion offers protection from downward elements like sun and rain, a pavilion with a wall offers protection from those things – AND from the wind!
  • Super Stylish – By adding a pavilion wall, the design possibilities become endless! No longer limited to the confinement of 4 corners, you’re now able to elevate your space with a stone accent wall, colorful back drop, or anything your creative mind can think of!
  • Functional Design – The old saying is “form over function”, but pavilions with walls allow you to have both! No matter if you are mounting a TV or outdoor kitchen cabinets, a pavilion’s privacy wall doubles as a stylish AND functional design feature.

  • Affordable Price Tag – Compared to other leading backyard privacy products, like fences or fully enclosed spaces, pavilions with walls are an affordable way to add serious seclusion to your space!
  • Low-Maintenance – No matter what material you choose for your partially enclosed pavilion, all the vinyl, cedar, and wood pavilion kits at The Backyard Showcase are designed with a low-maintenance mindset. This means you can spend more weekends enjoying your outdoor oasis – not cleaning it.
  • Increase Property Value – Not only do pavilions with privacy walls provide you with an attractive and functional outdoor space, but they also add to the curb appeal of your home – increasing your property value!


Design Your Own Pavilion with Walls 

inspiring backyard pavilion ideas

At The Backyard Showcase, we’re proud to carry a variety of pavilion styles made from low-maintenance vinyl, cedar, or wood. Our pavilion walls are compatible with any type of pavilion you choose, no matter the style, material or size! This means designing a pavilion with a wall is as simple as finding the style you want – and adding this unique privacy feature!

A few of the custom features you can select when building a partially enclosed Pavilion with The Backyard Showcase include:

  • Post size and style
  • Roof style and material
  • Ceiling rafters
  • Exterior colors (roof, wall, post, and ceiling)
  • Electrical packages
  • Outdoor ceiling fans
  • Roof cupola
  • And more!

Looking for some inspiration for creating your own pavilion with a privacy wall? Check out our online idea gallery for all the latest modern pergola and pavilion styles!


Shipping Pavilions with Privacy Walls Nationwide: Order Yours Today!

inspiring backyard pavilion ideas

The only thing better than custom designing a pavilion with a privacy wall is the day it gets delivered to your door!

If you know the pavilion wall you want, feel free to order now – we ship nationwide! However, if you’d like to work with us to design your partially enclosed pavilion, all you need to do is call. Our team in Lancaster, PA is standing by 6 days a week to help you create the perfect outdoor structure!

Call or contact us online today to get started. We look forward to working with you!


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