Amish-Built Commercial Picnic Shelter Kits

One of the most versatile options for style and outdoor shade, a picnic shelter kit provides full protection from the sun and rain in a sleek package. This outdoor structure is a fixture throughout style-forward backyards as well as in public parks. Our commercial pavilion kits bring high-quality Amish construction and custom style to parks and other public spaces.

While The Backyard Showcase may be primarily known for building the backyard décor that homeowners love, we also specialize in building structures for public spaces, including the always popular picnic pavilions. If you’re in charge of designing or building a public space and are looking for an unbeatable outdoor structure, we’d love to work with you. We’re more than happy to ship our commercial pavilion kits nationwide, or we can even assist with the installation process.

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Your Custom Commercial Pavilion Options

Whether you’re planning a design for the county park or finalizing a hotel or a private club, these custom commercial pavilions will bring a true sense of luxury to your project. In addition, the large enclosed area is ideal for getting out of the summer sun and throwing a get together. That’s why our commercial pavilions find homes in so many different public spaces.

Just like custom options, materials, and designs are important for homeowners, they are also crucial when crafting a picnic pavilion for public use. Since the Backyard Showcase craftsmen custom-build our pavilions and other structures, you have ample design options.

Firstly, you have the option to choose the material from which your picnic pavilion is built – the options include:

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber
  • Cedar Timbers
  • Maintenance-Free
  • A Combination of Multiple Materials

When you team up with our design team to find the perfect park pavilion for sale, you can also customize the overall shape and the roof design. So, whether you want a contemporary exposed gable roof on your pavilion or you prefer a classic hex bell roof, you have a huge variety of options. These unique touches create a truly distinct pavilion that will set your space apart.

Park Picnic Shelters for Sale

We make our picnic shelters for sale available to both professionals and homeowners alike – if they have the green space to accommodate it. We can either send you a complete kit of materials for your crews to assemble or we can work to arrange pavilion installation with our crews.

The price on our commercial pavilions depends on the size, the material, and the style you choose. If you have questions about matching a specific budget, we recommend that you reach out to our experienced outdoor designers.

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Get a Price on Your Park Pavilion for Sale Today

A brand new picnic pavilion will bring a standout sense of style, a fantastic area in which to congregate, and some much-needed shade. The first step of bringing one of these Amish-built commercial pavilion kits to your park or space is reaching out to our knowledgeable outdoor designers. Our teams are familiar with working with a range of customers from homeowners to public project managers.

We encourage you to contact the team at The Backyard Showcase to discuss your options and to get prices on your project!

Commercial Structure Style Gallery

Check out some examples of the gorgeous commercial structure styles we offer to help add a touch of class to your backyard retreat