Wooden Timber Pavilions

Natural beauty that is timeless!

A truly showstopping outdoor structure, wood timber pavilions provide a versatile style for your backyard space, offering either a rustic or a modern look. Their distinct style comes from the sturdy feel of the timber posts, the wooden texture, and the ornate gables. Even in a world where backyard structures are becoming more popular than ever, these wooden garden pavilions are a true showpiece. At The Backyard Showcase, we are environmentally conscious, only using American Western Red Cedar that is farmed and replenished in accordance with the US Forest Service. Contact us to start designing your wooden timber pavilion kit!

Contact us to start designing your wooden timber pavilion kit!

Standard Cedar Wood Timber Features

  • American Western Red Cedar
  • Hand Selected Rough-Sawn Cedar
  • 8″ x 8″ Solid Posts
  • Number of Posts Vary Per Size of the Structure
  • Up To 18′ Post Spans Standard
  • 6′ x 12′ Headers
  • 3′ x 8′ Rafters (or Runners for Pergolas)
  • Corner Braces
  • 6” Postbase
  • Metal powder Coated L Post Brackets
  • Cement Anchor Bolts

Timber Structure Styles

Large overhangs and heavy timbers set the stage for your outdoors

Grand Escape Cedar Timber Pavilion with Metal Roof
Pleasant Escape Cedar Timber Pavilion
14x20 Regal Grace Timber Pavilion
12x14 Cedar Holiday Shadow
13x13 Cedar Timber Pergola
Timber Cube
Inline Pergola
Oasis Pergola with Vinyl Post
Shed Escape

Free-Standing Wood Garden Pavilions

A free-standing wooden pavilion is a grand centerpiece for any outdoor environment! The durability of the cedar will make it last for decades, aging with grace unlike other species of wood. Since the wood already has a beautiful aesthetic, you have the option of leaving your piece as is or staining your wooden garden pavilion with a semi-transparent stain to enhance the natural textures. (Note: We do not recommend using solid stain or paint on your wooden pavilion because natural oils create splotches). Each piece of wood is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality look that will make your backyard a one-of-a-kind, secluded retreat.

Get a Free Wooden Timber Pavilion Quote!

Our 10′ x 10′ Cedar Timber Grand Escape Pavilion starts at $7,360. Our average customer spends around $13,800 with the average size being 16′ x 16′. Use the form below to configure your pavilion, just the way you like it. We will get back to you with a firm price including delivery to your location.

Exposed Rafters Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove (Standard)Western Red Cedar Tongue & GrooveWhite Vinyl Ceiling
ClearWalnutCinderRustic CedarCedarMahogany

Wire Package (includes outlet and switch for fan package and light) Wire Package (includes an outlet and switch for fan package and light)
Fan Package w/ Light and Remote Fan Package w/ Light and Remote
8x8 Square Post 8x8 Square Post
Cupola Cupola
Stainless Steel Hardware Package
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Stamped Engineered Drawings