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Custom Trim and Siding for Garages

Our custom trim and siding make our garage kits stand out from any other garage buildersLP Building Products trim and siding allows us to add stunning finishes to our garages, making them unique and customized to match your home. Their quality siding offers incomparable protection to unforgiving weather conditions while looking great at the same time. They also have different trim options that add stylish accents and are an impressive design element.

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Garages for Sale with Unique Paint Color Options

We offer a full-range of beautiful garage paint colors thanks to Haley Paint. Their different paints colors add another element for garage customization, allowing us to match your garage to your home or use complimentary colors. Each type of Haley paints adds quality, durability, rust and dirt resistance, and a finish that defies temperature cracking and blistering.

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    Garage Style Gallery

    Check out some examples of the gorgeous garage styles we offer to help add a touch of class to your backyard retreat