Vinyl Pavilions Kits for Sale

Not all vinyl pavilion kits are the same, and they’re certainly more than just a canopy against the rain. It serves as a retreat for family, friends and good fellowship. Breaking bread; playing cards and board games; conducting business, or simply relaxing in solitude are all enhanced by the natural sounds, scents, and sights of the outdoor environment. A pool pavilion or patio pavilion contributes aesthetically to property and potentially increases its value. Still, these structures — exposed as they are to the elements — sometimes demand vigilant maintenance, subtracting from the leisure they provide.

You’ll experience a definitive difference in quality with the vinyl pavilion kits from The Backyard Showcase.

The Maintenance-Free Features of Vinyl Pavilions

A vinyl pavilion offers relief to homeowners who care about the appearance and condition of a property and its structures. Some of the maintenance-free features include:

  • Wash-Free Vinyl
  • Vinyl Wrapped Pressure Treated Wood
  • Powder Coated L-Post Brackets
  • Vinyl Arched Corner Braces
  • Cement Anchor Bolts

Covering the posts and beams with vinyl will prevent the wood posts from splitting in the cold, swelling in the heat and rotting from excess moisture. PVC is also resists fracturing, does not decompose and withstands all kinds of weather, which is why it is so often used in building construction. When applied to an outdoor pavilion, vinyl conveys a clean, orderly and elegant appearance — inviting to guests and the source of pride for property owners. All vinyl pavilion kits come with detailed and understandable assembly instructions.

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Post Options & Styles

Posts set the tone of your pavilion, from bold to serene

36" Decor Post Cover
Standard Post
8x8 Vinyl Post
Tapered Post

Roof Styles

Regular Roof
Gable Roof
Bell Roof
Pagoda Roof

Ceiling Options

Standard - Exposed Rafters Natural
Exposed Stained Rafters
Cedar finished interior and stain
Vinyl finished interior with fan

Safe Haven: Patio and Poolside Pavilions

Pavilions have a long and storied history as banquet areas and reception spaces. Modern structures include poolside pavilion and patio pavilion variants. These canopies serve various and sundry purposes.

A pool pavilion can house outdoor kitchen and barbecue facilities; accommodate bars and taps; give shade to picnic and dining tables; or simply provide storage space for pool, lawn or garden equipment.

A patio pavilion can also be a rest area where hammocks are hung and chairs are arranged to enjoy good books or conversation. When the sun beats down mercilessly or the clouds open up with torrential rain, families can still enjoy fresh air without discomfort or annoyance.

The versatility and added square footage of a backyard pavilion often increase the appraised value of a house — an added benefit if resale time rolls around.

A white vinyl pavilion kit by a pool in the summer

Stress-Free Vinyl Pavilion Installation

Many customers want to enjoy their new vinyl pavilion kits as soon as possible without the time and bother of assembly. If this is you, take heart. Homeowners need only express their style preferences in terms of roofs, ceilings posts and extras; our seasoned crew of Amish pavilion builders will do the work efficiently and expertly. People travel far and wide to acquire outdoor furniture and accessories reflecting Amish craftsmanship. That same artistry can adorn your own yard or pool area, complementing your property and providing years of enjoyment.

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Wire Package (includes outlet and switch for fan package and light) Wire Package (includes an outlet and switch for fan package and light)
Fan Package w/ Light and Remote Fan Package w/ Light and Remote
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