Cedar Pergola Kits

Why buy a cedar pergola:

The western red cedar wood from which our pergolas are made from, contain oily fibers that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay. These naturally occurring oils also give off that distinct cedar aroma that make it unattractive to insects, moths, and other pests.

The cedar pergola readily takes most exterior paints and stains. However, if the pergola is left unfinished, the cedar wood will weather to a silver-gray color, a no-maintenance look preferred by many. Each piece of wood is carefully planned, then hand sanded to ensure the highest quality look that will make your backyard a one-of-a-kind secluded retreat.

Free-Standing and Attached Pergolas: Western Red Cedar

Advantages and disadvantages of western red cedar:

Our western red cedar is probably the most common wood that we sell for our outdoor structures, pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions.  This type of wood is a little more expensive than your pressure treated wood

 Western Red Cedar will turn gray over time unless treated with sealant every few years. Cedar’s durability and decay resistance is excellent, and among North American wood species is a close second to California Redwood.

Cedar is much lighter and easier to work with than most wood. Not to say that the smell of cedar is so good.


  • Cover your deck
  • Cover your patio
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining area
  • Carports
  • Put some class in your garden
  • Beside your pool
  • Over your hot tub

Standard Rustic Pergola Kit Features

  • Western red cedar pergola
  • Standard Features Base Price Will Include
  • Number of 5”x 5” Posts (notched to receive header)
  • Post Base
  • Metal Powder Coated L Post Brackets
  • Cement Anchor Bolts
  • Double 2”x 8” Header Beams on 2 sides with corner braces
  • Double 2”x6” return beam on 2 sides with corner braces
  • 2”x 6” runners with decorative ends
  • 2”x 2” top runners

Post Options & Styles

Posts set the tone of your pergola, from bold to serene

36" decor post cover
Standard post
Turned post

Extra Options

Want privacy or protection from the sun? Pick your style!

36" privacy wall w/ lattice
69" privacy wall w/ lattice top
Full privacy wall
Lattice corner
Lattice top

EZShade Canopies for Red Cedar Pergolas

The EZShade canopy system is designed to be a retractable cover underneath your pergola. Made with stainless steel fasteners, aluminum bars, and quality weather resistant fabric, the EZShade canopy will enhance your pergolas outdoor living purposes. EZshade canopy is great for underneath our pergolas weather you wish to be sitting in the shade you just pull the easy shade across if you wish to see the sun just retract it back again. It is a very easy and adorable system. Customers love our EZshade canopy’s.

Cedar pergola

Get a Free Cedar Pergola Quote!

Our 8′ x 8′ Cozy Retreat Pergola starts at $1,897. Our average customer spends around $3,800 with the average size being 12′ x 16′. Use the form below to configure your pergola, just the way you like it. We will get back to you with a firm price including delivery to your location.

    Floor (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Lattice Roof (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Lattice Corners (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Full Height Lattice Wall (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)36” lattice wall (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Full height privacy wall (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)68” privacy wall with 12’’ lattice top (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)36’’ privacy wall (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Stainless Steel Hardware
    Extra 2x6 runners 8’’ or 12” O.C. spacing (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Extra top runners 6’’, 8’’, or 12’’ O.C. Spacing (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)36’’ Decorative post base (Pressure-treated wood, Cedar, or Vinyl)Vinyl tapered post sleeves 8’’ or 10’’7x7 laminated posts (Pressure treated or cedar)Stain or paint (Pressure treated or cedar)Almond color vinyl (Vinyl only)