Cedar Patio Pavilions

Why buy a cedar pavilion:

The western red cedar wood from which our pavilions are made from, contain oily fibers that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay. These naturally occurring oils also give off that distinct cedar aroma that makes it unattractive to insects, moths, and other pests. The cedar pavilion readily takes most exterior paints and stains. However, if the pavilion is left unfinished, the cedar wood will weather to a silver-gray color, a no-maintenance look preferred by many. Each piece of wood is carefully planned, then hand-sanded to ensure the highest quality look that will make your patio pavilion a one-of-a-kind secluded retreat.

Standard Western Red Cedar Pavilion Features

  • Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar Wood
  • Roof Style Varies per Pavilion-style
  • Traditional Pavilions have a Hip Roof as a Standard
  • 6×6 Posts (Number of Posts determined by size)
  • Timber Pavilions have 8×8 Standard Post
  • Exposed Rafters
  • T-G Roof Decking (Unfinished)
  • 3 Ply 2×8 Header ( up to 18’ post span)
  • 2×8 Half Moon Braces
  • Roof Pitch Varies per Style
  • The Traditional Pavilion has a 6/12 Roof Pitch Standard
  • Posts Base Trim varies per Style
  • Metal Powder Coated L Post Brackets
  • Cement Anchor Bolts

Post Options & Styles

Posts set the tone of your pavilion, from bold to serene

Standard Post -Laminated and finished 6x6 post
8x8 Cedar Post

Roof Styles

Hip Roof
Gable Roof
Bell Roof
Pagoda Roof

Ceiling Options

Standard - Exposed Rafters Natural
Exposed Stained Rafters
Cedar finished interior and stain

Covered Pavilions Made Out of One of the Finest American Woods

Western Red Cedars durability and decay resistance is excellent, and among North American wood species is a close second to only the California Redwood. With the natural patina (graying) happening over the years it is a maintenance-free option for natural wood lovers. The aromatic odor that makes it most appealing to me is the same thing that makes it repugnant to insects.

Western Red Cedar is also lighter than most woods making it perfect for a DIY project. If you are looking for a less aged look then cedar also takes well to certain stains. We do not recommend painting cedar, which should be done with cheaper woods since the oils can make it splotchy. These are the reasons why our western red cedar is easily our most commonly sold wood for our outdoor structures, pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions.

Red cedar pavilion

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Our 10′ x 10′ Hip Roof Cedar Pavilion starts at $4,506. Our average customer spends around $7,600 with the average size being 12′ x 16′. Use the form below to configure your pavilion, just the way you like it. We will get back to you with a firm price including delivery to your location.

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    Wire Package (includes outlet and switch for fan package and light) Wire Package (includes an outlet and switch for fan package and light)
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