Design Your Own Pergola

A pergola is the X-factor that transforms a deck from drab to dramatic — or elevates a patio from passable to perfect. While most quality pergolas look gorgeous, what’s even better is a custom pergola you design yourself. At The Backyard Showcase, we give you the chance to design your own pergola — see ALL of your options right here!

Getting your pergola with us isn’t like showing up at the hardware store and crossing your fingers that they’ll have something you like. When working with The Backyard Showcase to complete your outdoor space with a pergola, you have the option to customize everything from practical options — like the size and material — to the stylistic touches such as color and style! Dig in and start your custom pergola design right now!

Your Custom Pergola Design Options

custom pergola design

When we say you can build something truly custom, we mean it. How the pergola looks and how it’ll complete your backyard space is defined by the choices you make. Follow along through our custom pergola design options to build your one-of-a-kind perfect pergola.

1. Choose Your Material

Your first choice is one of the most important ones you’ll make. The pergola material you choose determines the lifespan, the price, and even the look of the pergola. We offer pergolas in pressure-treated wood, cedar, and vinyl — with vinyl being the most expensive. While the wooden pergolas possess an inherently rustic feel, the vinyl pergola looks sleek and modern.

Learn more about choosing your pergola material.

2. Pick the Color

Color plays a crucial role in your custom pergola design. Will a clean white, a rustic color, or a deep black best complement your outdoor space? You have more options for color than you’d expect, especially if you build a wooden pergola. While our vinyl choices come in either white or almond, wooden structures can be painted or stained countless different colors.

3. Pick the Top Style

Now that you have your material and color locked in, the next step is to select your desired style. You can choose between the traditional flat lattice or the rounded custom retreat style. BOTH custom pergola design choices can look absolutely stunning!

4. Privacy Options

Pergolas can provide much more than just style. When you design your own pergola you can accessorize it with one of our favorite options: the privacy wall. This attachment blocks the view of a single side of your pergola and allows you to make your outdoor space extra secluded. This can be an important touch if you have nearby neighbors.

5. Extra Shade

If you want maximum shade coverage, we have a custom pergola design accessory for that. Our EZShade canopy fits under the lattice of the pergola to completely block the rays of the sun, giving you total shade with total pergola style. Even better, the canopy is retractable so if you want to sunbathe, you can!

If you like shade, check out our luxury home pavilions.

6. Post Style

One of the final touches when designing your own pergola is to select the style of your posts. This is just another way to have the structure subtly complement the feel of your outdoor space. In addition to our standard straight posts, you also have the choice of classic Roman-style columns, squared-off posts, and more.

When it comes to your custom pergola design options, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Since all of our pergolas are custom-built, if you have an idea you didn’t see here, all you need to do is ask!

See our gallery for more inspiration.


High Quality Amish-Built Structures

While we offer a wide range of looks and styles, the one thing that remains consistent with The Backyard Showcase is the quality of everything we build. Every single one of our pieces is hand-built by an experienced Amish craftsman just for you. This is why our pergolas last for decades and can survive the great — but sometimes temperamental — outdoors.

Compare that to the pergolas you’ll find in a big box retailer or a hardware store. Those pergolas are built by the hundreds in huge factories, meaning the quality and attention to detail just aren’t there — resulting in pergolas that fall apart pretty quickly.

Design Your Own Pergola with The Backyard Showcase

If you know the pergola and the custom options you want, feel free to order now — we ship nationwide! However, if you’d like to work with us to design your own pergola, all you need to do is contact your project manager for a truly custom experience.

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to get started on your custom pergola design — contact us to start the conversation!

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