Outdoor Seating Area Inspiration

An outdoor seating area can be your go-to space for spending time with your friends and family. What’s fantastic about this type of space is that you can have one whether you have a deck, a patio, or just an open yard.

The best backyard seating areas deliver a combination of comfort, privacy, and shade. At The Backyard Showcase, we craft high-quality Amish structures that deliver both style and longevity. Discover how you can design a stunning outdoor seating area – and see what we can offer to complete it! Check out these backyard seating ideas to get inspired to upgrade or build your dream sitting space!

5 Backyard Seating Area Ideas

These are the five things you need to create a space in which you’ll love spending time with a few friends. Here’s what you need to know. See our essential backyard seating area ideas:


1. Place a Pergola

Cedar pavilion covering outdoor seating area on hillside

Not only is owning a pergola one of the most popular outdoor living trends, but it can deliver great solutions for your formal sitting area, too. Whether upgraded with a full roof or a sunshade, a pergola can provide much-needed protection from the sun’s rays. While the protection is complete, the style is both sleek and elegant. Everything from the signature lattice roof to the slim posts makes pergolas a striking accessory that can define your space.



2. Furniture

Outdoor polywood furniture making comfortable backyard seating area

Here’s a backyard seating area idea that delivers both comfort AND style. Upgrading from old, worn-out lawn furniture to a modern polywood furniture set can have a huge impact on your space.  Not only will our poly furniture look more attractive, but it will stay that way since it is built to handle the elements for many years. On top of that, we offer a truly wide selection of colors and styles to match your aesthetic preferences. Ultimately, the more time you plan on spending in your outdoor seating area, the more you NEED comfortable and well-built furniture.

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3. Privacy Options

Vinyl privacy pergola providing shade for outdoor seating area

A feeling of seclusion can be essential to getting the most out of your space.  Depending on how close your nearest neighbors are, adding privacy accessories to your space can be crucial. This can look like something simple, such as a free-standing privacy screen, or something more elaborate, like a privacy wall added onto your pergola or other outdoor structure. See privacy pergolas built specifically for this purpose!

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4. Landscaped Perimeter

Backyard seating area idea with privacy fence and landscaping

To make your outdoor seating area feel official, we recommend building some type of perimeter around the space, allowing you to designate that this space is special. A landscaped perimeter can often look like a ring of mulch, plants, or a pattern of fill stones. The best part about this backyard seating area idea is that it’s easy to take care of without professional assistance.



5. Pavilion

Backyard seating area idea featuring cedar pavilion

Pavilions are one of The Backyard Showcase’s signature items and they are the perfect complement for many outdoor seating areas. Every single one of these gorgeous structures feature full roofs that make your sitting area usable in the beating sun and even light rain. From a style standpoint, there are more types of pavilions than you’d expect. From rustic open gable pavilions to traditional bell roof structures, you’re guaranteed to find a design that fits your outdoor style.

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Top-Quality Amish-Built Products

There’s a lot of variety in our outdoor structures – but the one thing that all these pieces have in common is that they were built by true Amish craftsmen. Because our pieces are made from high-quality materials like vinyl or cedar instead of low-grade plastic, they will last for decades no matter what environment you place them in. On the other hand, big box hardware stores sell these structures without any of our careful construction methods, which often causes them to fail after only a few seasons of use. Simply put: top-of-the-line outdoor sitting areas call for top-tier equipment and accessories!


Complete Your Outdoor Seating Area with Us  

If one or more of these backyard seating area ideas caught your eye, we’d love to be a part of your space. Whether you want a high-end set of new outdoor furniture or a showstopping outdoor structure, we have everything you’re looking for to finish your outdoor seating area. The first step is to talk to our team to get prices on our pergolas, pavilions, and furniture!

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