Rustic Sheds: Traits & Styles

You’ve always wanted a classic country barn in your backyard, but it just doesn’t make logistical sense for you. After all, you need to store a riding mower much more than a herd of horses, so a barn might not be the best choice for you. Our rustic sheds have a few of the hallmark barn traits you know and love but fulfill the suburban storage needs of a traditional shed, too.

At The Backyard Showcase, we craft a wide range of high-quality outdoor structures that range from pergolas and pavilions to storage sheds. Our rustic sheds are always a popular choice that is the perfect way to bring the barn look you love to almost any home. Check out some of our most popular models, see what sets them apart, and get your quote to bring one home today!

Popular Farm-Style Sheds

Our farm-style models are generally no more expensive than the traditional storage sheds and offer all of the same weatherproof storage advantages — paired with a distinctive look. These are the three most popular farm-style sheds for homeowners who want to bring the country style to their cul-de-sac:

farm-style sheds

Dutch Barn Shed

These Dutch barn sheds are built in the tried-and-true layout of our traditional sheds, but the gambrel style roof is what sets it apart. Evoking the style of a classic horse barn, this gambrel roof makes our farm-style sheds look like they would be at home on a sprawling ranch as much as in a backyard. With siding available in both wood and vinyl, these sheds are a great option for reliable, watertight storage of lawn equipment, valuables, and much more!

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rustic mini barn

Mini Barn

This rustic shed isn’t just attractive — it’s a fantastic practical choice as well! This style of mini barn tends to be even more affordable than comparably sized traditional sheds! On top of that, the layout makes it ideal for storing large zero turn or riding mowers, while still having plenty of room left over for other valuables. Homeowners also love the authentic country look that combines a gambrel roof with a faux horse stall door for maximum rustic style!

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classic farm-style shed

Classic Shed with Custom Rustic Touches

Either one of the previous two farm-style sheds show serious commitment to the country aesthetic. However, it is possible to pay homage to the style without fully committing. We offer the option to build a traditional style shed accessorized with a handful of striking rustic-style accessories. These options include cupolas, round top doors, and countless rustic color options.

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Amish Building Quality Comes Standard

When it comes to The Backyard Showcase, everything you’ll see on our website or at our outdoor inspiration center is built by real Amish craftsmen. That means you can count on the beauty of our products as well as their superior craftsmanship and ultra-durable performance. All of our sheds, including the farm-style sheds you see featured here, are built from real wooden or vinyl siding, complete with a real shingle roof — just like your home. Thanks to our superior materials and construction quality, you can count on our sheds to last for decades in your backyard!

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That same commitment to quality proves just as essential for our luxury outdoor structures like pergolas and pavilions. While you may be able to find ultra-cheap examples of each of these at big box stores, you want to be careful before you buy. Many outdoor shade structures are built overseas in huge factories out of much cheaper materials — as a result, they often fall apart after just a few summers outside. Many homeowners appreciate knowing that when you shop The Backyard Showcase, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your outdoor structure.

Buy Your Rustic Shed Today

If one of these rustic sheds caught your eye, we’d love to build one just like it for you. However, if you’d like to custom design something unique, our team of designers are more than happy to walk you through the process. Either way, the first step is a conversation with our friendly and skilled team. Whether you want to give us a call, send us a message, or visit our showroom, we’re here to help!

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