Why Homeowners Love Breeo

Food just tastes better when it’s cooked outside. From savory meat to sticky-sweet smores, there’s so much to enjoy. The only downside is the smoke billowing from your firepit or outdoor stove. One local company Breeo solved this problem with their smokeless outdoor stove – and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.

At The Backyard Showcase, we pride ourselves on being a total outdoor living company. We specialize in everything from building pergolas and pavilions to gazebos and cabanas. We’re constantly striving to bring you the best products on the market, and our latest addition is Breeo. Keep reading to see how this innovation delivers the joy of outdoor cooking without the smoke!

How is a Smokeless Fire Pit Possible?

A smokeless fire pit almost sounds too good to be true – but the innovative technology of Breeo makes it a reality. Here are three unique innovations that eliminate the smoke while providing clean cooking heat:


  • Added Oxygen with X Airflow – A fire needs three things to start and continue burning: fuel, heat, and oxygen. When there’s an imbalance in one of those elements, it results in smoke. That’s why our fire pits have the X Airflow raised vent to provide more oxygen, so you can enjoy a hotter fire without smoke!
  • Built with Double Wall Technology – When a fire is lit in a fireplace, the hot air rises and escapes through the chimney. However, this hot air also contains a lot of smoke. To prevent this smoke from escaping into the room, Breeo fireplaces are equipped with a double wall. The hot air enters the double wall through holes near the bottom rather than clouding the atmosphere.
  • Secondary Combustion for Extra Efficiency – This feature is what really sets the Breeo smokeless fire pit apart! Rather than allowing the smoke to escape, the Breeo puts it to work using secondary combustion. This makes the fire burn even more efficiently, while allowing it to achieve the signature smokeless advantage.

By innovating on the traditional outdoor firepit, the team at Breeo was able to eliminate the thick smoke that is the only downside of a firepit. This firepit is the perfect piece in your backyard makeover!

Always Count on Lancaster County Quality

When it comes to your outdoor living space, quality construction matters more than almost anything. All Breeo smokeless fire pits are built right here in Lancaster County – and built to last. Similarly, all of our pieces – like pergolas and pavilions – are constructed by teams of dedicated craftsmen who have years of experience in creating top-quality outdoor structures. Plus, we only use the highest quality materials in everything we craft. That means your shed, gazebo, or other structure will be able to withstand whatever weather conditions come your way. And because we give you the ability to customize your piece, you can be sure it will perfectly suit your needs and taste. So, when you’re ready to make your outdoor dreams a reality, trust Lancaster County quality.


Shop Your Breeo at The Backyard Showcase

If you’re excited to bring one of these innovative smokeless stoves to your backyard, we’re the place to go. The Backyard Showcase is an official Breeo dealer, meaning we stock and sell the most-popular lines that you want to bring home. So come by our Lancaster County showroom or order online to get your smokeless firepit and complete the rest of your backyard décor!

Contact us right now to plan your visit or place your order.

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