Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas on a Budget: 7 Best Options for 2023

While it’s calming and therapeutic for some to spend time outdoors, not everyone wants to expose themselves or their space to the sun’s rays. So, when planning a backyard makeover, including some sort of covered patio design is a spectacular decision!

No matter the size of your space, there are plenty of ways to transform a simple outdoor patio or deck into something worthy of an HGTV show. Check out these outdoor covered patio ideas on a budget to take your backyard from average to AMAZING!

Backyard Covered Patio Ideas with Total Shade

We love the sun just as much as the next person, but sometimes luxury feels like a cool and shaded seat on a hot day.

A few of the reasons why homeowners often choose outdoor covered patio ideas that provide complete shade include:

  • Use year round in rain, snow or sun
  • Keeps things cool
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Easy and quick installation

Now that you know WHY they’re great, let’s move on to the actual covered patio design inspiration! Enjoy your yard without overheating when you implement any of these 4 outdoor covered patio ideas on a budget that will help you save money and wow guests:

Intimate Fire Pit

covered patio ideas with firepit

It’s no secret that firepits are a cozy contraption that can be enjoyed during ANY time of year – especially when paired with a pavilion! This outdoor covered patio idea keeps you on budget as there are a range of firepit types, prices, and styles to choose from. Whether you incorporate this covered patio design into an outdoor seating area, kitchen, or lounge, it’s sure to be that extra bit of extravagance you and your friends love. Check out the best smokeless fire pit options here!

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Swim Up Kitchen & Pool Bar

backyard covered patio idea with pool bar

Nothing says wow-factor like a sunken swim up pool bar! While it may be on the higher end of your budget, this totally shaded and totally unique backyard covered patio idea is one that will have all your guests in love. Create a resort-style poolside paradise with a gazebo top, kitchen appliances, countertop space and more!


Pavilion & Umbrella Pairing

modern backyard covered patio idea with pavilion

When you want more shade for your big patio, it may require a few creative approaches. One of our favorite and most affordable outdoor covered patio ideas on a budget is pairing a modern pavilion with a large umbrella! As you can see, the two compliment each other flawlessly while also separating the patio into several specific seating areas.

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Entertainers Paradise

backyard covered patio ideas for outdoor kitchen

If you live in an area with lots of sunshine, it’s important to keep your guest AND your space cool. This grand wooden pavilion is large enough to efficiently provide total shade for an outdoor entertainment studio, fireplace, grill master station, and even bar seating. We’re in love with this backyard covered patio idea – and it’s easy to see why! Get more outdoor kitchen and bar ideas here.


Covered Deck Ideas on a Budget

If you’re looking to implement a covered deck idea on a budget, here are some concepts for outfitting it with partial shade…

Secluded Table for Two

covered deck ideas with privacy

Whether newlyweds or empty nesters, every couple deserves the chance to spend quality time together every day. This backyard covered patio idea is an affordable AND secluded way to make sure that happens! A pavilion with a privacy wall  creates a private space for sitting, reading, eating or catching up at the end of your day.

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Chef’s Outdoor Dream Kitchen

covered patio design with pergola

There’s nothing better than the sun on your back and some good food on the grill. For those who enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun, but don’t like getting too hot, a pergola creates the perfect amount of partial shade you’re looking for – plus, it looks elegant, too. Adding onto an existing foundation keeps this covered deck idea on-budget.

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Ladies’ Lounge

poolside lounge covered deck design

Sitting outside in the sun can be relaxing, soothing, and sometimes…sweaty. If you or your guests love laying out by the pool, consider a partial pergola to keep you shaded enough to help you stay cool, but sunny enough to get that tan! The best way to bring this backyard covered patio design to life is with a custom vinyl pergola from The Backyard Showcase.

Did any of our outdoor covered patio ideas catch your eye? The Backyard Showcase is a nationwide supplier of Amish-quality pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, pool houses, and so much more! Our team is always eager to help you bring your backyard visions to fruition, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a price estimate or consultation.


Free Quotes for Covered Patio Designs

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