Victorian Gazebos: Inspiration & Quotes

Truly classic structures never go out of style. Victorian gazebos likewise provide a formal feel that accentuates backyards, patios, decks, and much more. Bringing one of these timeless pieces to your backyard provides great shade and gorgeous style — for a competitive price!

At The Backyard Showcase, we design and build luxury outdoor structures like pergolas, pavilions, and, of course, gazebos. In this blog, we’re showcasing widely adored Victorian gazebos and highlighting the unique traits that define this style. Keep reading to find inspiration — or reach out to our team to get prices on your gazebo today!

5 Traits of Beloved Victorian-Style Gazebos

victorian-style gazebos

Many people admire the look and practical benefits of Victorian-style gazebos without even knowing what they are called. Despite this classic design being popularized hundreds of years ago, it is still one of the most sought-after options we build and sell today. Discover the essential traits that set this style apart!

  1. Octagonal Shape — Victorian-style gazebos can be immediately identified thanks to their distinct octagonal shapes. These 8-sided spaces don’t just look unique on a deck or in a yard, but their shape makes them very comfortable for a larger group to sit in and socialize. Although more modern gazebos come in a wide range of different shapes, Victorian gazebos almost always come in this classic octagonal shape.

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  2. Ornamental Trim — Decorative trim is a hallmark of the Victorian style. That means a Victorian-style gazebo will feature finely carved decorative braces and trim connecting the posts to the roof line. This delicate ornamental touch brings an added sense of sophistication to your space.
  3. Formal Roofs — When custom designing any gazebo, selecting the right roof plays a role in creating its unique style profile. While there are a wide range of roofs available, for a Victorian feel you’ll want to choose a more elaborate style like a double pagoda roof or a ribbed metal roof. The full roof on a gazebo is one of the elements that makes it a superior structure for staying out of the rain and sun!

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  4. Attractive Posts — Since Victorian-style gazebos feature elegant touches at every opportunity, you’ll want to bring that to the posts as well. While our straight posts are great for many styles, you’ll want to choose a carved or turned post for this gazebo.
  5. Full or Partial Railing — The final signature trait of these timeless gazebos are the railings that surround the perimeter of the structure. These railings add a sense of seclusion and provide the foundation for a built-in bench or a metal screen to keep out bugs. The carved Colonial-style railings also match the formal look of the trim and the posts.

When designing a Victorian gazebo, you can choose whichever material you want, from vinyl to pressure-treated lumber or cedar!

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Modern Gazebo Options Also Available

modern gazebos

While the Victorian style may still reign in popularity, modern gazebos are a great option for different backyards and spaces. While they might not be quite as sleek as our modern pergolas, the modern gazebos offer a contemporary take on this classic structure.

If you want to build a more contemporary gazebo, you’ll want to start with a rectangular shape for the structure. Then you’ll choose more sleek and contemporary options like straight posts and railings. However, we have seen modern gazebos paired with the ever-popular double pagoda roof for fantastic effect. If you want to design an even more modern space, you can also work with our designers to craft a fully custom space from the ground up!

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If any of these ideas caught your eye and kickstarted your imagination, our team is standing by to help! If you want to get prices on any of these Victorian gazebos, our team can take care of everything. However, if you’d rather custom design a space that meets your unique sense of style — classic or modern — we can assist you with that as well. The first step is a conversation with our experts — so fill out a form, give us a call, or stop by our outdoor inspiration center!

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