Do I Need a Permit for a Pergola?

The in-demand outdoor accessory for decks, patios, and greenspaces, pergolas are popping up in backyards all across America. At The Backyard Showcase, we’re an Amish builder that specializes in gorgeous, high-quality pergolas. One of the most common questions we hear from interested homeowners is, “Do I need a permit for a pergola?” Whether or not you need a permit for a pergola depends entirely on the township you live in — however, we’d say that 85% of our customers nationwide don’t need one.

While this is the simple answer, there is a bit more to know about pergola code requirements and why some of the regulations are in place. Since we gladly supply pergolas across the country, we can give you some more insight and information on the topic. Keep reading to learn more about if you need a permit for a pergola — and check out some of our stunning designs!

What You Need to Know About Pergola Code Requirements

pergola code requirements

When most people ask us, “Do I need a permit for a pergola?” the answer is generally no — and they are in the clear to bring home this trending outdoor living accessory. However, even though chances are good that you won’t need a permit, you should absolutely place a call to your township office to find out for certain. In addition to confirming with your township, you need to check with your homeowner’s association if your home is a part of one. In fact, we’ve actually seen that homeowner’s associations have stricter requirements than townships. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that pergola code requirements are rare, and when they are in place it is for a good reason.

From what we’ve seen, townships located in hurricane zones are likely to have pergola code requirements that your piece needs to meet. In addition, backyard pavilions are a bit more likely than pergolas to require a permit — based on our experience. That is often because pavilions have full roofs as compared to pergolas.

We compare pergolas, pavilions, and other backyard shade structures.

Even if a permit is needed, the process is generally quite convenient, often only requiring paying a small fee and filling out some paperwork. In the rare cases when the pergola code requirements are stringent and need special design specifications, we can assist you with that. At The Backyard Showcase, we partner with an engineering firm that has specific engineers licensed in all 50 states to design our outdoor structures. So, if getting your pergola requires specific support features — to protect against strong winds, heavy snow loads, or anything else — The Backyard Showcase and our engineers can design it for you.

Learn more about custom designing your pergola.

Gorgeous Pergola Options from The Backyard Showcase

Getting answers to the question, “Do I need a permit for a pergola?” is the boring part — the fun part is picking out the show-stopping structure that will redefine your backyard style! When it comes to the material, you can choose from maintenance-free vinyl or rustic cedar lumber. In addition, we design a wide range of classic and modern pergolas that can enhance any backyard.

If any of these pieces grabbed your attention, we can build one just like it for you. However, if your imagination was sparked to craft something totally unique, we’re happy to help!

The first call should be to your township office to get the official ruling on the pergola code requirements. After that, get in touch with The Backyard Showcase to start designing your dream-come-true backyard pergola!

Reach out right now to start the conversation with our designers!

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