A-Frame Sheds: See Benefits & Shop Here

The very best sheds deliver decades of watertight reliability in a gorgeous design. A-frame sheds exemplify this marriage of style and practicality. That’s why they are one of the leading shed types that we sell to homeowners all over Lancaster County and beyond. See more about this shed style and what makes it a winner!

At The Backyard Showcase, we sell a wide range of outdoor structures nationwide — all from our showroom on the Lincoln Highway. While we may be best known for pavilions and pergolas, our Amish sheds provide huge advantages to homeowners, too! See what makes A-frame sheds such an exceptional choice — and start shopping right here!

What to Love about the A-Frame Shed Design

a-frame shed design

The A-frame shed design is most notable for the signature A-frame roof that comes together in a point. You can identify this shed type by the completely triangular roof. Check out what homeowners say sets this shed apart from the rest:

  • Versatile Storage — First and foremost, the job of a shed is to store stuff. Whether you want to keep a large zero turn mower or a pile of boxes safe from the elements, the A-frame is the perfect shed for it. Since you can position the primary shed doors on either the longer or shorter side, this gives you a shed that is perfect for a large piece of machinery. This is just one of several things you can tweak about an A-frame shed design.
  • Custom Options — When shopping for A-frame sheds for sale, you have the ability to customize the look with us. Not only can you make basic upgrades like trim and siding colors, but you can also add extra doors, windows, flower boxes, and much more, too. In addition, upgrading the basic doors to custom upscale options enhances the look of your shed as well.
  • Unique Look — Whether in a basic form or outfitted with custom options, the A-frame shed design tends to look formal and attractive. The signature A-frame roof looks great as part of a backyard décor and is a great option to match suburban homes.

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  • Size Variety — An A-frame shed design can be custom matched to your needs for storage space. We make these sheds available in dimensions that range from 6’X8’ all the way to 14’X32’ — simply talk to our team about what you need to store, and we can make a recommendation.

Amish Quality Every Time

vinyl a-frame sheds

More important than any particular shed style is the shed quality. A well-built shed can last for 20+ years out in the elements. However, a cheaper big box store shed will fall apart in a matter of a few seasons. While you’ll pay a little less up front for that hardware store shed, you won’t get anywhere close to the reliability from it.

Our sheds’ superior lifespan and durability come from the materials we use and the skill of our Amish builders. Our sheds are built from wooden or vinyl siding and real shingles — just like a house. Plus, all of our structures are crafted right here in the United States by experienced Amish craftsmen. Compare this to those cheap sheds which are built on assembly lines in a foreign country and shipped over here — the quality and craftmanship simply cannot compare.

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A-Frame Sheds for Sale in Stock at Our Lancaster Showroom

If you’re local to the Lancaster area or are visiting here, you’ll love our backyard showroom and inspiration center. We have a wide range of sheds in stock right now. While we have A-frame sheds for sale, that’s just the beginning of what we offer. You can walk through our displays and get ideas for how you’ll upgrade your own backyard space. Our showroom is conveniently located right on Lincoln Highway near the famous Route 30 Diner and Miller’s Smorgasbord.

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