Backyard Privacy Ideas that Enhance Your Outdoor Style

A backyard oasis is your place to unwind from a long day or to spend time with family and friends. For many homeowners, a sense of solitude is key to making the most out of their outdoor space. If your neighbors’ homes are a little closer than you’d prefer, you need to get creative when creating the seclusion you’ll rely on. See our favorite backyard privacy ideas that make your yard more beautiful than ever!

At The Backyard Showcase, we build high-quality outdoor structures (like pergolas and gazebos) that complete decks, patios, and greenspaces. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting backyard privacy ideas that succeed at providing the seclusion you need, while enhancing the style of your space!

7 Favorite Outdoor Privacy Solutions

Even if you have great neighbors, there’s nothing wrong with wanting privacy when you enjoy your backyard. These outdoor privacy solutions range from simple updates and purchases to full-scale custom outdoor structures. Explore these ideas and find the one or more options that are perfect for your privacy needs and personal style:

1. Plant Trees or Bushes

outdoor privacy solutions

If you have a green thumb, you can leverage that into an effective outdoor privacy solution. By planting a row of trees or bushes between you and your neighbors, you create a solid barrier while bringing a pop of life to your yard. While this solution is certainly beautiful and fairly inexpensive, it isn’t an immediate answer — you’ll need to wait a few years for the seeds to grow big enough to do the job.

2. Design Your Privacy Pergola

outdoor privacy pergola

One of the most exciting backyard privacy ideas, privacy pergolas are one of our signature outdoor structures. Perfect for use on decks and patios, these pieces combine the style of pergolas with one or more privacy walls. While your yard as a whole will be open, these customizable structures provide fantastic shade for the seating area in your outdoor living space. With our privacy pergolas, you bring home the hottest outdoor trend of 2021 — and get the privacy you need.

Check out our privacy pergolas right here!

3. Buy Portable Privacy Screens

backyard privacy screen

Privacy screens provide a simple, portable solution that most homeowners use temporarily before bringing home a permanent solution. Available at most outdoor stores, these items feature colorful panels or screens in lightweight frames. Several of these screens can be placed in an area to keep your neighbors’ gaze averted. Even if the price point for multiple screens is higher than expected, this is an answer that you can get right away! Depending on the quality of the screen you buy, some homeowners feel that this option looks a little cheaper and doesn’t match with upscale décor.

4. Get a Privacy Fence

outdoor privacy fence

The classic answer for privacy. When privacy fences were the only widely available outdoor privacy solution, they were extremely popular. And they still see a wide use today! Privacy fences have the advantage of providing a perimeter on your entire yard rather than just one area. The main downside of a privacy fence is the price — they tend to be the most expensive option on our list by a long shot!

5. Consider a Cabana

private backyard cabana

Quite possibly the single best outdoor privacy solution — if you have a pool, that is. Designed to provide protection from the sun and a comfortable area to change into swim clothes, a cabana can serve as a 100% private poolside hangout. We build a wide range of different size and style cabanas to pair with your personal style and needs.

See some of our favorite backyard cabana ideas!

6. Place Tall Planters

outdoor privacy planters

Once again, put your green thumb to use to create some much-needed seclusion. Unlike planting a hedgerow, though, you won’t need to wait years to get the benefit. Buy a handful of tall planters complete with tall leafy plants to create a barrier around your favorite sitting area. While adding extra plants is a classic deck update to enhance the look of your space, the privacy won’t be quite as effective as some of these solutions.

7. Design a Gazebo

private outdoor gazebo

Style, shade, and privacy for ANY backyard — a gazebo is a great outdoor privacy solution that you can place on your deck or in the middle of your greenspace. By outfitting your gazebo with walls (and screens to keep the bugs out), you create a space that is enclosed and private on all sides. Not only will one of these beautiful custom structures make for an exceptional private space, but the look can be customized to almost any outdoor décor.

Discover your gazebo options and get quotes right here!

The Amish Construction Quality Difference

Since outdoor living has become more popular in recent years, you can find pergolas and pavilions at big box stores and retail hardware chains. Unfortunately, those retail structures are built hundreds at a time in huge factories out of cheap materials. While they may be a little cheaper up front, we’ve seen this lead to issues where the pieces look rough and fall apart after a short time outside.

In contrast, all of our gazebos, cabanas, privacy pergolas, and other backyard structures are built by experienced Amish craftsmen — and that makes all the difference. You can count on any piece from The Backyard Showcase to last for decades and to look absolutely amazing the entire time!

Bring these Backyard Privacy Ideas to Life

Getting much-needed privacy is an essential, but enhancing the style of your outdoor space at the same time is incredible. If you’d like to design a pergola, cabana, or gazebo to bring these backyard privacy ideas to life, we’d love to work with you. The first step is a conversation with our designers to discuss your unique needs and personal style. We’ll handle the design process — and get you the quote to make it happen!

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