Deck Accessories to Transform Your Space

Your deck is already the social center and style standout of your backyard – but it can also be made even more amazing with new accessories! The best deck accessories enhance what you already love about your deck and make it even better. From luxury shade structures to small decorations, we’re profiling the best options to complete your deck once and for all.

At The Backyard Showcase, we build a wide range of high-quality outdoor structures that homeowners use for their decks and more. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the top 12 deck accessories that can make a huge impact on your space. See all of these game-changing ideas and have us build something for you!

12 Big and Small Deck Upgrades  

Some are small purchases you can find at almost any outdoor store, while others are specialty luxury structures you’ll need someone like us to build. However, what all of these accessories have in common is that they can make an already great deck truly exceptional!

Outdoor patio in backyard with deck accessories

1. Potted or Hanging Plants

Plants bring a touch of life and a pop of color to your space. This visual deck upgrade will make your space look even more interesting and inviting. Potted plants can be a great option to place on any deck. Of course, if you have a way to hang them, dangling planters can be an attractive touch too.

Potted plants used as a deck upgrade


2. Rugs

From a style standpoint, a weatherproof outdoor rug brings an interesting look to your deck – especially if you go for a bold color or pattern. In addition, a rug can also make the deck more comfortable if you want to walk barefoot on it.

Deck accessories with tribal print rug and pillows


3. Pergola

One of the top trending outdoor structures, pergolas provide a sleek and eye-catching addition to any outdoor space. In addition to their undeniable aesthetic advantage, pergolas can provide solid shade from the beating sun. Pergolas have become one of the most-loved deck accessories for large and small decks – and they’re only getting more popular!

White vinyl pergola as deck upgrade in spring

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4. Lighting

If you enjoy entertaining on your deck late into the night, a good lighting scheme is a must-have. Deck lighting takes many forms, from hanging Edison lights to fixtures attached to your house. A truly ambitious upgrade, some built-in lighting can be attached to your pergola or deck boards. However you achieve it, lighting is a deck upgrade sure to help you carry on into the night!

Edison bulb string light for accessorizing backyard deck



5. Fountains

Here’s a deck accessory that brings an attractive look and a sense of calming ambience. Big or small, fountains look pretty and contribute the soothing sound of running water to your deck.

Deck upgraded with pavilion and fountain features



6. Furniture 

Old, rough-looking furniture might still do its job, but upgrading it can make a huge visual difference. A comfortable outdoor furniture set can make spending hours with friends on your deck even more inviting. On top of that, our huge variety of outdoor furniture can enhance the color scheme of your deck. All of our weatherproof outdoor furniture is designed to survive in the elements without fading, weathering, or needing any maintenance.

Wicker furniture and blankets to complete the outdoor deck upgrade


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7. Multimedia Accessories

A fairly new way to upgrade your deck, consider outfitting it with a TV, sound system, or both. These deck accessories are specifically designed to survive out in the elements while still providing crisp audio and visual quality. This is becoming a popular addition to many of our different projects – see home pavilion inspiration.

 Evening outdoor entertainment via deck accessories


8. Pavilion

One of our signature outdoor structures, backyard pavilions bring upscale style and strong protection from the elements to your deck. The full roof of a pavilion means the structure is ideal for protecting against the sun and even the rain. Pavilions come in a wide range of different styles, from the elegantly simple to the elaborate.

Cedar pavilion for backyard focal point


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9. Grill

If you don’t have a grill yet, this is a great deck upgrade that you and your guests will appreciate. Bringing a nice grill onto your deck means that flame-cooked meals are never far away.

Upgrade a deck with a new grill


10. Heating

There’s no reason not to enjoy your deck for as many months of the year as possible. If you want to make it comfortable in the winter, too, space heaters are a necessary deck accessory. The most effective options are propane powered – and a single one can heat a standard-sized deck.

Wood deck with fire pit upgrade


11. Storage

Keeping your deck clutter free can make the space look more stylish and make it feel more comfortable. Consider investing in a weatherproof deck box to store everything from games to grill supplies and deck maintenance products.

Wooden outdoor storage box for deck grill


12. Gazebo

Another one of our specialties, gazebos provide the classic style and total shade of pavilions, just with the option to have side walls. This classic shade structure often sees use in yards or on patios, but it’s absolutely an option as a deck upgrade as well. Many people like outfitting gazebos with a large table and using them as a formal dining space on the deck.

Wood gazebo accessorizing deck and pool

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All Structures Available in Wood & Vinyl

When it comes to everything we build at The Backyard Showcase, quality and your customization needs come first. Whether you buy a pergola, pavilion, or gazebo from us, you can expect top-tier construction and materials. Any structure you buy from The Backyard Showcase will be built by true Amish craftsmen.

On top of that, you have the option to choose whether you want your piece built out of vinyl or wood. While both look attractive up-close and at a distance, many people have their own preferences. Each of these materials have their own advantages as well. For example, vinyl will be 100% maintenance free, never needing to be stained or sealed. On the other hand, wood is generally less expensive to buy – even if it will need a little work from time to time.


Shop Any of These Amish-Built Deck Accessories

If you’re looking to shop deck accessories, we’re happy to help. We carry a huge variety of high-quality outdoor furniture that will look fantastic and stand up to the elements. Plus, when it comes to gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions – we’re the place to go!

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