Our Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

For many people, a luxurious outdoor living space is only as good as the furniture they pair with it. After all, a cheap, rotting table doesn’t match an upscale ambience — and uncomfortable chairs make those long hours you spend outside far less relaxing. As a true showcase for all things outdoor living, we sell high-quality furniture and can give you our insights.

In today’s blog, we’re providing a weatherproof outdoor furniture buying guide to highlight the traits to look for when furnishing your dream backyard space.

At The Backyard Showcase, we are best known for building outdoor pergolas and pavilions — however, we also carry a wide selection of weatherproof outdoor furniture at our showroom. Like everything we sell, our Amish-made furniture is designed to look beautiful AND provide unparalleled performance. Keep reading our outdoor furniture buying guide to explore our most popular options, see pictures, and discover what sets the best pieces apart!

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7 Traits of the Best Garden Furniture

There’s a big difference between cheap lawn furniture that falls apart after a few years outside and well-made pieces that will look gorgeous for decades. However, when you’re shopping, it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes. That’s why we’re breaking down the traits of the best garden furniture — here’s what to look for:

  1. Built out of Poly Lumber — Truly weatherproof outdoor furniture is almost always made from poly lumber. This durable vinyl-based material is a major step up from simple plastics that compromise other lawn furniture. You can both see and feel the difference as these pieces have a heavy, solid feel and a clean vinyl look. This material is guaranteed to never rot, never need painted, and never fade — no matter how long you own it!
  2. Made with Stainless Hardware — While the best garden furniture will be built from ultra-high quality poly lumber, the hardware will always be stainless steel. This ensures that the fasteners will never rust, and you can expect them to last as long as the poly lumber. On many cheaper pieces of outdoor furniture, the fasteners can rust out, causing chairs, tables, or any other furniture to fall apart.

    Furniture is a great way to upgrade your deck — see more ideas here!
  3. Last a Lifetime — Thanks to the solid poly lumber and stainless steel hardware, you can count on the best garden furniture to last a lifetime. That means you can leave these pieces in the snow, wind, sun, and rain for years — and still continue to enjoy them just like they’re brand new. This is one of the key things to ask any salesmen about when shopping for furniture for your deck, patio, or yard.
  4. Offered in a Wide Variety of Colors — The next point in our outdoor furniture buying guide is more about the furniture style than its practicality. If you’re an avid outdoor designer, you know that both are equally important — but not only does your next piece of outdoor furniture need to look beautiful, it should also come in a variety of colors to match your outdoor space. We offer pieces that come in a staggering variety of shades, from bright pastel colors to neutral tones and modern shades.

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  5. Must Be Comfortable — This point in our outdoor furniture buying guide is particularly important for chairs and sofas or any piece of furniture you will lounge on. While looking nice and lasting forever is essential, you also need to make sure that you enjoy using the furniture, or else that ultra-long lifespan isn’t a positive. That’s why it’s particularly important that you test sitting on or using any piece of furniture before you buy. That’s just one of the reasons it’s helpful to visit our local showroom!
  6. Is Sturdy and Heavy Enough to Survive High Winds — While intense weather and windstorms are rare, over the decades of owning your furniture, you are almost certain to experience at least one. That’s why it’s essential for the best garden furniture to be heavy-duty enough that it won’t get blown away or carried off in the wind.
  7. Is Amish-Made in the USA — This final point about the best weatherproof outdoor furniture essentially sums up all of the six previous points. Amish furniture is famous across the country for its beauty, skilled construction, and reliability. All of the pieces we sell were built by Amish craftsmen in the USA. Compare this to most of the outdoor furniture sold by big box stores which was built cheap in huge factories somewhere overseas. Our Amish-made construction is The Backyard Showcase difference maker that sets our products and structures apart from the rest!

Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Outdoor Structures

outdoor space with pavilion

If you care about gorgeous designs, Amish quality, and a lifetime of use from your garden furniture, we have outdoor living structures that offer all of those same advantages, too. Our vinyl pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos are a great touch to complete any outdoor space. These outdoor structures provide shade and style that homeowners love in their backyards. Whether you buy the furniture first and complete the space later or do the whole renovation all at once, we’re your source for everything!

Buy Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture Today

Consider this a bonus detail in our weatherproof outdoor furniture shopping guide: the best piece of furniture is also one that you can see — and buy — today! That’s why we keep a wide range of pieces in stock at our Lancaster, PA outdoor inspiration center. So, whether you’ve been hunting for the perfect piece and need to try it before you buy it — or you’re simply enjoying a fun day of shopping in Amish country — you can try and buy right away.

Contact us to get prices and to place your order today!

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