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cedar pavilion designers

Your Home Pavilion: Uses & Styles

For homeowners who are serious about crafting a true luxury outdoor space, a home pavilion is the in-demand accessory. Pavilions…

build a pergola on a deck

How to Design and Build a Pergola on a Deck

Your deck is one of your favorite places to spend time outdoors, but lately you’ve felt it’s missing something. Introducing…

white vinyl gazebo pagoda roof

Gazebos vs Pergolas: Uses and Perks of Each

When you’re looking for that special x-factor for your backyard, your wish list probably includes a gazebo or a pergola….

backyard pavilion designs

5 Backyard Pavilion Designs

A pavilion provides a distinct feel of luxury plus the unbeatable shade and protection from the elements — that’s why…

outdoor entertainment area

7 Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas for Summer-Lovers

You’ve got the space. You’ve got the friends. Now all that’s left for that perfect summer block buster is the…